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male baby cockatiel

  1. R

    Adding a male with my female cockatiel

    I have a 7month female cockatiel named Sushi. And I am looking to add a baby male for a friend. I won’t start searching for a cockatiel until Sushi is 9-10 months because I have a future trip planned. I do plan on buying a baby male from a local breeder. I just want to know how will adding a...
  2. Mer

    Should I get two males or two females?

    Hello! I was hoping to get peoples opinions about my new pair I will be getting soon.. soon to be weaned. I have two options.. a pair of pearl females or a pair of pied males. Color isn’t important to me but I am mostly interested in the personality. I had a single lovebird who was extremely...
  3. E

    When will my cockatiel start whistling?

    Hi! I have a cockatiel names Elvis. I got him as a baby in September 2019 so he is about 9-10 months old. He makes all the standard cockatiel noises and has started to say “pretty bird” and even “love you” but hasn’t sang yet. He is a DNA positive male. I’ve played music for him and whistle when...
  4. WallyCockatiel

    HELP!!! Boy or Girl?

    Help!!! I got my cockatiel (Wally) about 7 months ago, (clipped by breeder,) he is now 9 months old and just started his first molt. He looks very much like a female (pictures below) but the breeder told me he was male. I just found out today that he might be a female because I never really...