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lovebird babies

  1. DeeLoz

    Lutino baby

    Hi everyone im new here and I have some questions I hope I can get. So I have a pair of lovebirds a blue black masked (female) and a peach faced (male). They have had babies 3 times now the first 2 batch all the babies came out like dad Peach faced hybrids but this last batch they had 4 peach...
  2. H

    I don't know what my bird is asking of me

    lovebird is shouting and I know it's full cause it's crop is full I fed it around 3 hours ago any suggestions? checkout the video of how it is shouting https://vimeo.com/user163851097/review/667121747/10f393daab
  3. mochi

    Baby lovebird not progressing

    Good day, I have a 4 weeks old baby lovebird that I bought a week ago from a pet store. This past week, I haven't notice any growth or progress. The bird refuses to eat to which I have to feed him forcefully but of course, carefully with a syringe. He also gets runny nose after eating and...
  4. M

    2 week old Lovebird Stunted growth

    I have a 2 week old Lovebird, 13 days old to be exact, the mother was not taking very good care of her And managed to kill 2 of her babies and abandoned her eggs so I stepped in and decided to hand feed.As of now her eyes have already opened.She does well hand feeding BUT.. her growth seems a...
  5. zazu_

    Age estimate?

    Hey y’all, i’m hoping this is in the right category. My family “gifted” me a lovebird baby from their recent.. clutch? They aren’t sure about his age and settled with roughly 4 weeks (???) old. I was doing some browsing through photos and youtube videos and i’ve come to the conclusion that he...
  6. Pandalicious

    Pictures Newbie with an adorable new Lovebird

    Although my parents bred all kinds of parrots when I was very young (a long, long time ago), I never had a bird of my own...until now! After a lot of research, I finally got my own little dinosaur on Monday- a little Lovebird. I intentionally got him (okay, I have no idea yet if he's a him. He...
  7. S

    Urgent Can a baby lovebird grow up without its mother?

    Unfortunately, the mother of a four weeks old lovebird escaped today and I am thinking to get a new female. Are there any dangers in this? Will the new bird take care of the baby?
  8. X

    Video My Ultrasonic lovebird, amazing

    and this is Kiwi and Keta whe they are bebies (they are so cute)
  9. Nightingale

    Urgent Baby lovebirds vs. wildfire smoke

    It is now 11:55pm here in Cape Town. There have been several wildfires since this morning and even more now. I've tried to keep my home smoke free but it proves to be very difficult (even my asthma is giving me grief right now). My 4 week old baby lovebirds are sneezing and breathing very...