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love bird and budgies

  1. H

    Pictures Help In care of Baby lovebird

    So I bought this baby around 2 weeks ago it was 3 weeks old it likes me a lot but is it normal for it to ask for more formula as it ages? and is it normal for it to just start climbing out of the box and roam around or might it need something from that I don't understand? and now at this age do...
  2. vrnkstxx

    What now?

    Hi guys! So, so far i have had a great progress with Luna. We are indeed bonding, she started eating from my hand and i think she trusts me so i am very happy. Also from time to time she likes being scratched However my question is, what’s next ? Except the fact that she eats from my hand, she...
  3. vrnkstxx

    Advice wanted

    Hey guys! So far our baby Luna has been a blessing to our family. We love her very much. However since she came home, her sleeping ritual changed and she sleeps more at day and is more active at night. So i decided that covering her cage at night would be the best solution. However i am...
  4. vrnkstxx

    Lovebird sleeping a lot

    So yesterday was the first day Luna was out of the cage, exploring the room (supervised ofcourse), she has learnt where her cage is, doesn’t have any problems going in her cage, eats a lot, drinks water a lot. However i’m concerned about her sleeping a lot. Yesterday she went to sleep at about...
  5. vrnkstxx

    Tips for a first time owner of a young female lovebird

    Hey guys! First time posting and first time being a lovebird owner (okay i will be getting her in 2 days but nonetheless). I have previously owned two budgies and a cockatiel so i do have some experience. However, since this is my first time owning a lovebird i decided to ask you some questions...
  6. T

    Weird bubble on back/neck of bird

    Hello! First of all sorry for my english, it's not my first language, but there are no entires about my issue in my mother tongue. So the breeder told me that i can start bathing my bird at 3 months and since he loves water anyways, i let him shower after I was done taking a shower. After his...
  7. Char.bird

    Need advice and help with my lovebird!

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the great advice on my last thread!! But I was just wondering how I can even get the love bird out of the cage as she she just doesn't want to come out. The weird thing is though once I finally get her out of the cage and away from it she is totally fine with me and will...
  8. H

    Bonded Budgie and Lovebird

    I have taken in a bonded budgie and lovebird. They both feed eachother and are like two peas in a pod. They are in a large flight cage at the momment. But I’m still concerned about the fact that love birds should not be housed with budgies because of saftey reasons. On the other hand I’ve also...