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lord derby's parrot

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    Looking for a moustache Parakeet breeder

    Hey everyone. I want to add a moustache parakeet to my flock but I’ve had trouble finding a breeder. I live in downstate NY but will gladly travel within several hours to pick up a baby. Thank you all in advance.
  2. L

    Alexandrine or Lord Derby? Help me decide please!

    Hello all! I have been looking to get a larger parrot for quite some time. I’ve owned many birds in the past my GCC passed last year and now I’m ready for another friend. In a perfect world, I would love a Grey but since they are out of my budget I was looking at either an IRN (love the colors)...
  3. D

    Lord Derby's Parrot, Derbyan Parakeet

    My Never Mated 8 yr. old female Derbyan is laying eggs. So far, she has laid four at a rate of one every other day. What can I do to safely deal with this situation?