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leg band

  1. Y

    Leg band LGA 879

    This was my sunconures leg band. I think it had a purple pink type tint at one time. LGA 879, I cannot track it to find out how he was or where he came from. I thought he was only 10, but passed away suddenly, like overnight. Maybe he was older than 10, does anyone know that code? I keep getting...
  2. B

    Seeking Info on PBN Breeders

    Hello, I recently rescued a cinnamon green cheek with a leg band, but breeder ID is PBN. I saw on a previous thread that PBN stands for Preferred Bird Network but didn’t see any additional information besides that. Information on PBN seems pretty limited online, it does not seem to have a FB...
  3. Eetamu

    Can someone help me understand my budgies leg band?

    I got a budgie recently, and I want to know what the band means. The band is black, made of metal, and has a split on it. It reads BBFB 8752, and I want to know what it means.
  4. ZY28

    What paperwork should a bird have?

    Hi, I am getting a GCC on monday from a lady that says she breeds bird in a family environment. I was wondering what paperwork the bird is supposed to come with? Are leg bands, birth certificate important? Thanks
  5. gabikorlin

    Can I find out the age of my GCC from his leg band?

    One of my GCC’s was given to me by my little sister when she moved. She got him from Petsmart. He was fairly young when she got him. I am trying to figure out his hatch date, and he has a leg band but i’m not sure if there is anyway I can figure out his age with the information on it. It says...
  6. Birdman696

    Budgie leg ring and DNA testing?

    So, yet another question about my new budgies. One of them, the big English budgie male has a leg ring, which I hadn’t noticed before. he’s pretty fluffy, so I only noticed it now, but now I’m wondering if there is any information on the band I can read? Also, I was thinking about DNA testing my...
  7. M

    My GCC's mysterious band number is driving me crazy...

    I got my GCC about 5 1/2 years ago and recently I have been curious about how old she actually is, so naturally I have been trying to decode her leg band in hopes that I could find some more info. The band reads "PBA 10723" and is a closed, silver band with the letters and numbers engraved into...
  8. Jusgetinby

    Leg Band

    Hello bird lovers, I searched and searched and searched and I cannot find any info on the leg band my bird has, I did see a reference of sites that show good info but my bird leg band just can't find the ID AR CA 11774
  9. M

    New bird owner here- Leg banding?

    Hello! I recently purchased an IRN and he did not come with a leg band. I've been trying to do research on this, but haven't found much out. In what states are the bands required? We live in Ohio and will be moving to Oregon. What do I do if he is required to have one, but doesn't? Thank you!
  10. Nimbus

    Just noticed the girls have open leg bands

    Pippin stepped up onto my hand for some seeds a while ago (really excited she trusted me enough to eat from my hand), and I noticed her leg band is open, and not a closed breeder one like I originally thought. Upon further investigation, I discovered that Sammi’s band is also open. Being...
  11. ilze

    Green Cheek Conure age

    Hello! A week ago I got a gcc from a pet shop (I'm in Canada), according to the seller the parrot is 8 weeks old (9 weeks now) but i have started to doubt if the age is accurate because he has a lot of pin feathers on his head which i at first thought might be baby pin feathers but i've read...
  12. Morgan Haller

    Missing Sun Conure in TX - Please Help/ID Leg band question

    My sun conure went missing the evening of Monday 7/22/19 from Converse, TX (San Antonio area). He has a silver identification band around his left ankle. I have his id number, but does anyone have experience with how a finder could be able to locate me with that number? I cannot find a database...
  13. A

    Looking for Info on Leg Band

    Hi - I'm trying to find some information on the leg band on my goffins cockatoo. He is a rescue, and I would like to see how to determine his age and where he came from. His leg band shows USA FL 117. Thank you for any help!