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  1. maounm

    Confusing behaviour and diet

    Hi i have a pair of greeenwing macaws both are tamed. Male is bonded with me and female is relatively new. I have put them togather in a large aviary and given a nst box as both are adults. Problem is when i come into their sight male starts fighting with the female and chases her. I can see...
  2. E

    Baby Maximilian pionus showing beginnings of jealousy/aggression to my partner

    Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I brought home an approx. 12 week old Maximilian pionus, Freddie. Her breeder did a wonderful job at raising her, she was weaned naturally and she settled in remarkably well with both me and my partner since coming home. She's been as sweet as can be with both of...
  3. Hello there

    Jealous much? Any advice on how to stop a jealous parrot?

    My indian ringneck parrot is about 4 years old and becomes very jealous when my cousin comes over. His eyes pin and he bites me. It breaks my heart whenever he becomes aggressive as he has never been like this before, its like he is a totally different bird, normally he is an angel! :( Recently...
  4. accio-birdies

    Avoiding Jealousy?

    Hibou and Forrest get along very well for such different species! For the most part they are completely uninterested in each other, but they will sing together, eat together, and sometimes they'll try and preen each other, but I avoid super close contact to be on the safe side. Don't worry, they...
  5. D

    Hello From Columbus, OH

    My name is Jake. I'm a gamer, a hair stylist, and a parrot lover. I have a Sun Conure (Drakos), a Quaker (Sky), and two budgies (Frosty and Storm). As I'm sure most people don't join on a whim, I do have a little bit of a situation: Currently I've had to downsize and my Sun and Quaker are...