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  1. C

    Introducing cockatiel to my budgies

    I have two male budgies who are around 4-6 months old, we've just bought them a huge cage (118cm x 59cm x 135cm), and are thinking of getting a cockatiel as well, in the hopes they can all live together in the big cage down the line (but we're obviously prepared for them to not get along and...
  2. FinchORI

    Hiya Birb Lovers!

    Hey guys! I joined a week or two ago and can’t remember if I introduced myself but I don’t think I did. :oops: Hi! I’m Ori, I have a dog (A Pekingese +Shih Tzu + Maltese + Yorkshire terrier mix) named Ozzie, a Roborovski hamster named Ink Blot, two rats named Cookie and Chippi, and two female...
  3. Anniebeth3

    Meet Opal

    Hi all, this is Opal my family’s GCC. We got her Christmas last year but I have only just joined this forum. We all adore her, she is the sweetest little mischievous cuddle pie . We’re all still learning and I’m hoping that I can learn lots as a member here, I would hate to do anything to hurt her.
  4. Whoviana

    Quarantine tips

    We have a 7 mo GCC named Sunflower. We are getting a baby CBC to be her friend. I know we need to quatantine Cherry Blossom (the CBC) before introducing them, and then house them separately until they get used to each other. I was hoping for some tips for quarantining and introducing Cherry...