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  1. peachypjm

    Best food for wild birds

    Hi !! making this post so I could get some info on what feed mixes you all like and use for wild birds outside !!! My family wants to set up more bird feeders and stuff, but we can't find any good wild bird feed mixes! Also, does anyone know what to do about squirrels getting into the bird food...
  2. L

    Deciding between a Blue Throat Macaw and a Miligold Macaw.

    This weekend I’m going to be meeting with a couple Blue Throat Macaw babies and Miligold Macaw babies. I’m having a hard time decided between the two. If there’s anyone out there whose had experience with both can you tell me some important characteristics of the two? I’m wanting to know the...
  3. Bekky

    Hand feeding new rescues

    hi all! Some of you may have seen my first post where I introduced the three rescue birds I got from a hoarding situation. At the time they wouldn’t let me take anything else but I got them to give up the baby Sun Conure and Baby Green Cheek they were trying to hand feed... I am an experienced...
  4. E

    Breeder information for Lovebirds?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the group so i’m sorry if this is in the wrong spot. First question: has anyone bought a bird from Toms Lovebird Farm in Perris California? He has good FB reviews but that’s all i can find on him so i wanted to see if any of you had gotten a bird from him :) hope that’s...