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infertile eggs

  1. mybluebirb

    Egg laying questions pls help!

    my 10 year old (?) indian ringneck parrot just layed an egg for the first (and hopefully last) time I think her fondness with her blanket caused this to happen because she treated it like a nest I had no clue what to do I was so worried because she was having trouble laying the egg so I let...
  2. R

    Is this egg fertilized?

    Hello! I have two conures (one female and the other is unsure) and one of them has been laying eggs. I heard that you could tell if it is fertilized or not by cracking one open and looking for a “bullseye” on the yolk. I tried on an egg laid yesterday that cracked when she pushed it off and this...
  3. Birdman696

    Eggs infertile?

    Hi, so my pair of elegant parrots have been sitting on their eggs for over a week now and I decided I’d candle the eggs just to see, when I did there was no sign of how fertile eggs usually look, it was just yellow and maybe something darker in the middle but none of the red vein things that it...
  4. Birdman696

    Elegant parrots breeding

    Hi, so a couple days ago I bought a breeding pair of elegant parrots, to stock my aviary that should be finished by the time they’re done with the chicks. And they’ve apparently settled in quite fast as the female has been going in and out of the nest box for the last two days, but not long ago...
  5. H

    Cockatiel laying infertiles Eggs but not interested in them

    Hi :) My 2 and a half year old cockatiel lays infertile eggs every 4 months or so. Each time she has laid eggs ( including last night ) she has shown no interest in sitting on them or anything. Can someone please tell me why this is? Thank you !
  6. E

    (Requesting) African gray breeding advice

    I’ve been looking into a pair of grays who are both of age and fertile according to some vet analysis papers. For some reason though they are just having a hard time reproducing. Their owner says they’re around 13 and they’ve been together for a long time, the hen lays one of the eggs are...
  7. Swirlysnow

    Cockatiel laying eggs too much!

    Hi! My female cockatiel, Kiwi, has laid 4 clutches of eggs this year, and is laying one more now! We've been trying to discourage her, but she keeps laying. We do have a male cockatiel, but we try to keep them separate, and the eggs are infertile (they were candled) Could someone help, with...
  8. BreezyTiel

    Breeding Help

    My 2 Cockatiels have bred and eggs look to be infertile. We have separated male to give female a break as she's laid an excessive clutch. Gonna wait awhile to pair them up again. Is there any tips you guys can give to increase chances of success next time? Also can someone make sure this is the...
  9. D

    Lord Derby's Parrot, Derbyan Parakeet

    My Never Mated 8 yr. old female Derbyan is laying eggs. So far, she has laid four at a rate of one every other day. What can I do to safely deal with this situation?