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homemade toys

  1. Skyandkiwi

    Handmade foraging toy you’re birds will love! (and destroy)

    Hello everyone! Ok so, I did steal this toy idea from some toys I’ve seen online and in-stores, but I decided to put my own twist on it. I’ll put the materials you’ll be needing below if you decide on constructing one. So, I basically made 3 boxes out of a template. I’ll choose my bird’s...
  2. B

    Are knit/crocheted toys safe?

    I was wondering if I could knit or crochet some toys for a bird. I’m worried they could get a loose thread and get tangled, or get their claws stuck in the yarn.
  3. Willzan

    Creating my own toy

    Hi there parrotlovers! Im thinking of creating a net to hang on the wall for my birds, i found this piece of rope that is about 20 meters long. I was wondering if i could buy that and build my own net to hang on the wall along with some Wood to kind of keep it all togheter and for them to bite...
  4. ginjaninja004

    Homemade Toys!``

    Hi Everyone! I have a sweet little green cheek conure named Ollie and I want to hand make him some toys! He LOOOOVES beads.. LOVES them and I found the beads, but I am unsure what string is safe for birds?? Any suggestions?
  5. Nadia Bingo

    Pictures DIY Leather Bird Toys (Before & After Pics)

    My Conure, Baby, loves to chew on leather (I don't think I can stress the 'love' enough). I thought everyone might enjoy seeing the before and after pics for some of the recent toys I made him! They are pretty simple but I have step-by-step instructions for making the toys on my blog, if you...
  6. WendyW

    Pictures Our Little Luna is 6 weeks old =)

    Our Little Luna at 6 weeks! She has grown so much in just a week. She will come home to us some time in August, woohoo, and we are beyond excited! Her colors our looking so brilliant! This is a picture from our breeder..... We are preparing her cage now for her. We have made some toys for her...