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help budgie

  1. I

    frantic budgie preening

    hello, since last night, my two budgies have been preening very frantically and agitatedly. i recently bought them a new type of 'chew toy' (if you can call it that) and the frantic preening began that very night. i'm worried that they have mites because bird mites are nocturnal and as soon as...
  2. MooFish

    Help!! I need information on this bathroom freshener...

    My stepdad bought Bowl Fresh to make our bathroom smell good, and now it smells like a hospital all over the house and in my room where my parakeet, Norman, can smell it. I'm very scared, as it contains paradichlorobenzene, which I've heard can kill your bird by just inhaling the fumes. Will...
  3. merlin&co

    what is the gender of my budgie?!

    I've been on this case since I got him. I wasn't exactly certain of my budgies, gender until quite recently when his cere started to become slightly crusty and light brownish/tan around the corners. Yes, I also realise that females begin to get this crusty/brown cere when they have matured! But...
  4. fancydance

    Bird foot help

    My bird has not got a very good grip on my finger and the perch and keeps falling to the bottom.. I am worried about her. Any help to improve foot strength?
  5. bethaneh

    Help! Bleach fumes!

    I adopted two budgies 2 days ago, and this morning, I was sitting next to their cage, and smelled some chemicals coming from the kitchen. I asked my mother what that smell was, and she said she was cleaning with bleach! I know bleach is bad for birds, so I quickly moved them outside for 30...
  6. kifird

    Thinking of adopting a budgie friend for my current one.

    Hey y'all I was thinking of adopting a budgie from a well trusted pet-store that I go to often. Another hand-tamed baby budgie. But I read a couple horror stories of pet owners who say that after getting a new friend for their original budgie (tamed and everything) that their budgies began to...
  7. kifird

    Is this plant safe for my budgie?

    Recently my mom just received this massive plant that my bird is having loads of fun in, but I keep him away from it due to my concerns on him chewing on it being toxic. I want my bird to have some fun in the plant to stay active, but me and her don't even know what species the plant is. We...