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  1. M

    Painful Neck Biting! Help!

    Hello everyone. I received a baby sun conure about a month ago, and he as been really good so far. No issues with biting, until recently. About two weeks ago, he began crawling on my shoulder only to bit my neck ridiculously hard. Of course I didn't react at first, but doing so has made me more...
  2. Erden KESİM


    Hello everyone first I am Erden from Istanbul This beauty pascal came to me as a gift. But I do not know about age gender. I am very ignorant about caring as it is not a species that is often fed in my country. I have found the forum for searching the foreign boots ... The bird is very afraid...
  3. Rhoadsette

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hello my name is Sarah and I'm young :) I used to live in Baton Rouge Louisiana but I moved up to Indiana. I have a GCC named Randy and I definitely want to get more birds in the future. I'm a professional artist and I love to paint and draw all sorts of things. I sell my art My dream is to...
  4. lori_02

    I have a new Rainbow lori!

    Hi everyone. My name is Georgie and a week ago a 5 month old Rainbow Lorikeet became the new member of our family. A wee bit about me... I got engaged at the beginning of this year to my partner of 8 1/2 years. We bought our first home just over a year ago. We are currently renovating. I have...