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  1. C

    Sardines. Truly, sardines.

    Hi, I'm a member of what I like to call the packed sardines! 7 birds and 7 humans all living in a cramped 2 bed. Funky eh? Oh yeah! Canada! This is mainly for my two tiels (chickens) since I'm already a pro with them budgies. Bijou the king (or so he thinks of himself) ^^ And zizo! The fatso...
  2. S

    Nice to meet you all! From a shocked small flock owner!

    Hello All! So nice to meet you all. I’ve been a long time lurker of the forum but thought I’d make an account as looking to get some advice! After researching for quite some time I decided that parrotlets seemed like the bird for me! They sounded like the perfect little characters and I really...
  3. bug_inarug


    Hey everyone, my name is Juniper, I’m 20, use she/they pronouns, and am about to become the owner of a beautiful little budgie! Just wanted to say hi :) :budgie2::budgie: Coming soon!
  4. XMumtherX

    Lovie Newb lol

    :heart:Lovie Newb:heart: Hi! I have had budgies, bee bees, cockatiels, been around greys, macaws, loris, owls, raven, crows, and conures…NOTHING LIKE BEING WITH/OWNING A LOVEBIRD. I have only had my baby for 4 days, but I’m head over heels!:xflove: He/sheis only 5 weeks, but has stolen my heart...
  5. HazelNut33


    Hi! I'm Hazel and I own my own flock of macaws. I am a huge bird fan and have been since I was 14. I love all my birds and spend most of my time with them whenever I'm at home. I can't wait to become part of the community!
  6. B

    Hello people!

    I have had birds, mostly cockatiel/green cheek conure. I have had a cage that is shaped like a house kinda sitting around with nothing in it for around a year or two. I was going to get a new cockatiel for my one girl as a companion but I changed my mind. The cage had been meant to segregate the...
  7. BabyBirdMa


    Me and my 9 rescue birds are new here: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. Can someone please reply to my behavior thread? I’m having some trouble with one of my Conures and I really need advice.
  8. alyssanor

    how do i tame older cockatiels

    how do i tame a girl and boy cockatiels , the male is 2 years old and the female is 4 years old , they are just 2 days new in my home.
  9. Lexusblond

    Hello from Madeleine

    This Madeleine and she is a savior, at just a few weeks old fire broke out in the bush where she lived and her family fledged in fear, leaving her to die but she had other ideas and walk out of the fire in Western Australia to find help. Madeleine found me via a rescue group and she is living a...
  10. Saffronic


    So hi! I'm new here, and I ran into this place by absolute accident because I was researching if a Tiel and a Lovebird could be friends or not since I am in the tentative market for a second birdie. And so I decided to join because why not, this seems like a very nice place with a lot of...
  11. Cinnamon86

    Hello from Malta

    Hello everyone! Im writing from Malta :) Im the proud mother of a parrotlet and possibly a cockatiel soon. Ive been lurking the forum for a long while now, and I just wanted to tell you that I love it!
  12. B


    My name is Luna. I've had 5 cockatiels since 2010, & a budgie named Flappy (r.i.p.) from June 1st 2011-July 27 2016. Their names are Ringo (boy), Stormy (girl), & their babies, which havrnt been babies in years, Fluffy (girl), Mitzi (girl), & Weird Paul, who we just call Paul (boy). I also have...
  13. SpriteTGCC

    Hello from Sprite!!!!

    Hello my name is Aaron from the Chicago suburbs! I came across Avian Avenue a while back & wanted to finally introduce myself and my lovely darling bird Sprite! She's a turquoise green cheek conure my hubby and I got last September as soon as she was fully weened! She was born sometime in July...
  14. Melli

    Checking in from Maryland

    Hello! My name is Melli and I am Mama to 3 new budgies, Opal, Oz, and Oshi. Hoping to add one more to the mix soon! I SAY I rescued them... because I bought them from PetSmart... and I definitely FEEL like they were being rescued! I've never had budgies before, but I'm already in love with...
  15. sammamitch

    Hello everybirdy!

    My name is Sam and I adopted an adorable green cheek conure, Kiki, a few weeks back. I came here in search of food recommendations for her, and tips to get her to stop chewing on my face lol. I'm excited to be a part of the community!
  16. Gemini Jones

    Hello! I'm Gemini ♊

    Hello! My name is Gemini. Im a happy cockatiel. See my smile! My momma loves me very much and thought that if we joined this forum, she may learn ways to better care for me and strengthen our special bond. She has hand raised me since I hatched from my egg. She's my best friend. I love to clean...
  17. CookieWookie


    Hi! My name is Cynthia! I just joined on Friday and look forward to being part of this community:)! So a little bit about myself: I'm still in school and I've only had budgies (due to the fact that my mom won't let me get a slightly bigger bird and won't let them out). That is all I can...
  18. S


    Hello all, I am looking into getting a red agate canary and doing some research first about their care, requirements, and where to find one. Thanks.
  19. E

    Hi! I am new here!

    Hi! My name is Ella. I am not a bird owner, but I came here to learn more about them, because I am a bird enthusiast! So far, my favorite birds are Budgies, Parrotlets, and Indian Ringnecks. I am hoping to get one or two (or 3+) in the future. :)
  20. Mabel

    Greetings From Alaska!

    Hello, I am happy to have finally joined Avian Avenue! I have seen the site around, but have never given it a formal shot. I am an Alaska-dweller who lives with my boyfriend, 3 birds, and a silly little house cat. My birds are Mabel the Quaker parrot, Harley the GCC, and Mila the sassy pied...