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hand aggression

  1. cutetreee

    Why is new bird biting me

    I got this hand raised 2 month old cockatiel yesterday. All yesterday she stepped up and seemed friendly. Now, she hisses at my hand and has done multiple bites (no pain) She doesn't like to step up anymore either. Why is she being aggressive now?
  2. S

    Aggressive Lovebird

    Hello everyone, I have a 9 month female lovebird who has progressively gotten more and more aggressive and bitey over the 3 months I’ve had her. I’ve tried to work on trying to get her to step up but she bites my finger or does these weird head movements which to me seem like a sign to step away...
  3. Lauren_sim

    Step up training

    I want to work on step up training but I’m worried it’s too soon, chilli is a parent reared Hahns macaw, who I’ve had a little over a month now. He’s target trained and on a pellet diet (still working on veggies). He’ll take treats from my hand in and out of the cage, however, if there’s no...
  4. Rei.dot

    Not treat motivated

    So I’ve had my little budgie for quite a few months now and I really want to hand tame her . However she’s not food motivated at all I’ve tried strawberry,apple ,millet sprays but shows no interest in any treat . She will step up on a dowel perch and sometimes transfers to a hand ( that she...
  5. Violaxo

    How to regain trust after spooking bird

    so, I’ve had one of my budgies for a couple of weeks now. We made very amazing progress in one week hand training. She would sit on my finger and listen to me talk by the 8th day of having her Around day 9, she was showing signs she was sick. And I had to bring her back and forth to the vet...
  6. H

    Does my bird hate me

    Hello! I've had four budgies for the past months, none of them is hand tamed but they all don't fear me anymore, which means head rubs and angry babies when I'm giving attention to someone else. They are great, and I love them immensely. Two days ago I had a trip to the petshop to buy some of...
  7. Tahlee

    Rescue Lovebird

    I have a fischer's lovebird named Bria who I rescued last November. (I have no idea it's age or gender but I just call it a she) She flew into a spiders web in my yard and I eventually caught her. I looked for her owners for months and no one came forward so she now has a loving, forever home...