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  1. Mango5

    Lovebird Diet

    Hi everyone, I’ve been doing some reading online about lovebird diets and apparently you are not supposed to feed them a lot of seeds. I’ve had my lovebird mango for less then a year and I occasionally give him veggies and fruits, I also give him pellets but he barely touches them. Do you guys...
  2. Sweet Louise

    Pictures Murder Berries

    Whenever I give Louise blackberries, her cage and anything within splatter range make it look like a murder scene. I hate to withhold one of her favorite fruits so I have become quite adept at cleaning—- and ignoring that which cannot be cleaned. I don’t think the crime scene that caught the...
  3. Cockatango

    What foods do your cockatiels love? (fruit/veg?)

    I'm wary Tango is becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She can be quite picky and is reluctant to eat wet food. She'll nibble on the stems left on grape vines, and will sometimes take broccoli and lettuce. What do your tiels like?
  4. ghostpress

    Fruits > Veggies?

    So I've always fed my GCC fresh fruits and veggies, and she's had no problem cleaning out her bowl entirely. Recently, though, I increased the number of foraging toys in her cage and filled them with dried pineapples, apricots, and millet, and she stopped eating the veggies. She'll go after the...
  5. S

    Fruits and veggies?

    Hi, Does anyone know any good fruits and veggies for a parakeet? I'm a bit nervous to give her anything that may be toxic. Thanks!