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food safety

  1. outmaww

    New to the forum, new cockatiel owner!

    Hi! I've been perusing this site for a long time, but I just recently decided to create an account because I took home the sweetest little grey cockatiel about two weeks ago. He was hand-raised and weaned onto a seed diet, and he's already developed a bond to me especially, though he still...
  2. Beki lou


    Can anyone please clear up weather or not 1- I should give my Budgies veggies and fruit atall 2- is lettuce a big no? I have been told 2 things one being no vegetables atall and the other lettuce and celery are bad. As I’m trying to get my little flock as healthy as possible I don’t want to...
  3. S

    Question about Cassava/Tapioca Flour

    I have searched around and I am not getting a clear answer on this so I am hoping someone knows on here. We make homemade little Tapioca pearls, just Tapioca flour and water, kneaded into little balls for tea drinks. We were thinking of giving some of the cooked pearls to our parrot in some...
  4. Sweet Louise


    At a nut store... they had freeze dried ginger, mango, and papaya. I have never bought freeze dried anything... and can see the mango and papaya is fine for Louise (CAG). And she loves the Avian Organics Mango/Gingo baked treats. Before I give her pieces of freeze dried ginger, I want to...
  5. Mo Amjad

    Parrot diet

    Hey guys, i was just wondering what are some healthy human foods your birds love?. I feel like daily bell peppers or green beans are not it for my ringneck but please give me some yummy food!
  6. Mo Amjad

    Parrot hanging out at the bottom of his cage??

    Hey guys, my ringneck has been hanging out at the bottom area of his cage lately and he's been eating some stuff from there too should I be worried?. I don't know why and how someone would make a cage this easily accessible. He plays and chirps throughout the day and is pooping fine so should I...
  7. pawfectly

    Chop ideas?

    Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking about serving chop to my birdies. I tried to make it once before and they did not like it. I’m not sure if it was what I put in or the taste or both. lol :) Does anyone have any recipes for chop to share? I’d love to try some out. Sorry I’m posting too...
  8. Szandor

    Safe food for a tiel?

    Just wondering if things like garlic are safe for my tiel? He's 5 months old, male, named Sam. He wanted some of my garlic naan but I was unsure, so gave him a tiny bit(no bigger than my thumb) with no garlic on it. For future reference, is garlic okay or no?
  9. roseyandgrant

    Adopting a GCC

    Hello All! I volunteer at our local animal shelter and we recently received a GCC there. We don't normally get any birds in but we luckily had the appropriate sized cage, I have began starting her on a pellet diet with fresh fruits and veggies daily and she absolutely loves the fresh things! She...
  10. 1

    Anyone know anything about Lebanon Bologna

    Its kind of like a salami, google it if you need to. My Black capped conure, Yuuki, snagged a beak full of my sandwich cracker, will that hurt him? he seemed to like it. Could he have more in moderation?
  11. Kiwiscremsong

    OMG HELP!!! My Cockatiel ate avocado oil!!

    My cockatiel, Kiwi just ate a tiny bit of avocado oil and i bet i am just freaking out over nothing but im really concerned i cant go to a vet because it is 1:00 am. And i do not think its necessary. ( i dont know why im freaked out )And here's how it happened, " i was about to shower and i...
  12. Kiwiscremsong

    Flour muffins? Cockatiel

    Hi guys, so i recently discovered healthy muffins for birds so i looked up on YouTube for a few recipes since birdzone (where i found the muffins) doesnt ship to my area. So i found a video on youtube with several healthy ingredients for birds to eat and the start of the ingredients was flour...
  13. Pip and Gracie

    Can parakeets eat papaya?

    I have some organic dried papaya can I feed some to my parakeet?
  14. QuakerCracker

    Peeling Feet

    hi, I have a 5 year old female Quaker and I noticed the bottom of her feet are peeling slightly and possibly a sore or two. Recently I changed her food, it was rowdy bush pellets and now it is a mixture of diff. seeds and dried fruit. But she doesn’t eat the fruit. So is it because I changed her...
  15. F

    HELP! i have some questions about baby cockatiels

    i have so question to ask a bird professional when can i bath the cockatiel ? is kaytee hand feeding formula safe for it ? when should i start to ween it ? how do i tell it gender ? and how do it make it less afarid of me your help would be appreciated ! thanks a ton !
  16. Birblover

    Safest Bird Bowls & Safest Cleaning Methods?

    I've read that plastic can be unsafe because it's harder to clean away bacteria, and can be harmful as it deteriorates faster (mine chew them), so I've switched to stainless steel bowls, but do still have one or two newer plastic bowls I still use. I would like to know the safest bowls I should...
  17. WendyN

    Suggestions for Food recall alerts

    Can anyone recommend where I can sign up to receive bird food recall alerts? Thank you!