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  1. K

    Please help! Foaming from mouth.

    My 2 year old lovebird has started foaming at the mouth. She’ll start by looking like she’s about to regurgitate then all of the sudden there’s foamy saliva all over her beak. She’ll violently shake her head til it’s all stuck to her face. I wiped some off and gave her water but she’s been up...
  2. rebe

    Rehomed foamy beak grinding

    I recently got my Alex x from a rehoming, (hatched 2018) and have noticed that when he grinds his beak (and only when he grinds his beak for a while) he gets an occasional foamy bubble while doing so I'm not noticing any other symptoms of illness -his eyes, nose, and bum seem to be all clear...
  3. LoveToki

    Hello everyone! Im new and would love your help!

    Hi my name is Zee and I am in the process of getting a cockatiel. I went and saw some today..she said they are hand raised and tame and should be ready to go home in a week or so. She said the cinnamon pied could go home earlier.. I guess he/she is older. I have two questions.. the first, I saw...