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  1. C

    My lovebird is biting me after I introduced her to a new lovebird

    Okay so this is going to be a long post but I'm generally confused. So Kiwi, rosy-faced my 3-month-old lovebird, my "female" lovebird (according to a breeder) flew to my dad while he was standing outside and she was really tamed. This was 28 days ago. She was extremely sweet and used to come to...
  2. Pinky83

    Personatus or Fischeri?

    Hi, I bought these beauties yesterday and the guy said that these are masked (personatus) lovebirds. I'm confused! Are these 'yellow colour ones' masked (personatus) or Fischeri? Can someone identify them? Maybe these are dilute/ pied lutino masked lovebirds?
  3. D

    What lovebird mutation ???

    Hi everyone, recently bought a blue lovebird and was told it was a Fischer. I’m not 100% sure if it is. Can you pls tell me what breed it is and if it is fertile? I attached some pictures of it. Also I have 3 lovebirds which all seem to be paired to each other, is this possible or are they just...
  4. T

    I think I've gotten myself into a problem

    so I've wanted a lovebird for quite some time and was unsure for awhile if I was going to get one or two as I've heard two can be a handful. I contacted a breeder who was super helpful, answered all of my questions and said he'd give me a mate for my lovebird free of charge. He seemed really...
  5. wiggy


    Hi Everyone! I would really, really appreciate some advice as I have no idea what else I can do to resolve my problem. (please bear with me as the names of my birds might confuse you with their sex). -First I bought Mr White (blue fischer who is a MALE) and Mr. Blonde (green/yellow/orange)...
  6. Borncountry419

    Yellow Fischers Lovebirds

    Wondering if there are any breeders of Yellow Fischers Lovebirds out there? I've been looking, but haven't had any luck. Mine are sitting on 4 eggs, due to hatch on 7/27, and I'm hoping to find unrelated birds to pair them with, as this seems to be an uncommon color variation.