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feather health

  1. K

    Green cheek conure health

    Hi everyone! So I’m new here, I just recently got a GCC, and so I guess I kind of just wanted to see if kiwi (my gcc name) is looking good!! I am taking kiwi to the vet soon, but not until June sometime because it is so hard to find an avian vet near me!! Kiwi is 5 months old btw, I’ve just...
  2. H

    Frayed Feathers Breaking off

    See pictures. Got Gretel as a fledgling last August. Her feathers were in rough shape and was told it was normal for fledglings to have roughed up feathers. Well 6+ months with a proper diet -(seed, veggie grain chop and Harrison pellets)later her feathers look a LOT better, but feathers are...
  3. ok12

    my birds poop is red, and thier feathers are looking unhealthy

    Hello! when i got back home i took my bird outside of my bird, after a while he pooped and i saw that the poop was red! i cant go to the vet because my parents are on vacation and are out of the country untill last week so i cant take him to the vet right now. i also realized today after looking...
  4. katm89

    Feather Up Supplement

    Hi all! I was wondering if any of you have tried this supplement for feather regrowth and molting support. I have used it for a couple years and have had good success supporting my conure through his molt. My avian vet recently recommended stopping it and only giving vetomega oil, but my birds...
  5. L

    Weird white stubs under feathers

    I I recently noticed these weird things under my cockatiels feathers. He bites them and white stuff comes off. I haven’t touched them yet. I don’t know how long he has had them. What are they? I’m worried for him
  6. chondlr

    Frayed Tail and Black Marks on Conure?

    I have a crimson bellied conure named Eddie - he’s 6 months old and I’ve been really concerned about his feathers. I’ve had green cheek conures before (a turquoise and a cinnamon) but he’s my first CBC and it’s only on him that I’ve noticed these black marks on his wings, and the end of his tail...
  7. Hoshi

    Bird's feathers molting before they are completely preened

    Today my bird molted a second feather that didn't look like it was ready to be molted, as the shaft wasn't preened down all the way. I'm a little concerned because my bird was clipped as a baby and should have just grown these flight feathers in, but is already losing them. (IRN, 13 months) the...
  8. Dragonloverjas

    Pictures Weird coloured feathers

    so my female eclectus plucks a bit, (it’s not very bad) and I have noticed that she has a lot of green and blue at the end of her wings. I think this is visible because of her plucking, as it isn’t visible on the other wing. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what’s wrong? I know that...
  9. egg

    OVERNIGHT Feather Plucking + Travel Issues

    Hey Everyone! :sun: Today I came home to my sunny, Quinn, with her feathers from her chest to her feet plucked CLEAN! :cry: I'm so confused, and for the 4 years she's lived in my home this was never a problem. I know the usual causes of feather plucking, so here are my candidate choices: 1) I...
  10. Hoshi

    Olive Oil? Looking for Foods that Promote Strong and Healthy Feathers

    My bird has a problem. He enjoys ((trying)) to fly. He was cared for improperly at his breeder and his feathers were cut off his wings in a very sloppy manner. In short, he can't fly. He finds jumping off his cage and flapping rapidly to be a good past time. Unfortunately for him, that hasn't...
  11. miya

    Head Feather Concern

    Hi everyone! A couple months ago my budgies had their first molt and lost just about all of their little forehead bars. I noticed this week they've been having some changes around the face, mainly the forehead and eye area. These are my first birds so I'm not sure if this is something I need to...
  12. JFin25

    GCC: Stress bars or just wear-and-tear?

    Hello everyone! I just brought home my green cheek conure this last Thursday. His name is Korben Dallas and he’s a playful little guy that loves the attention he can get (and nibbling on my toes). I was wondering if there might be something wrong with his feathers as they’re not as green as...
  13. CupcakeKeator

    Worried about Black Tip Feathers?

    Here is my sweet boy Chihiro (Green Cheek Conure), I wanted to take a minute and share about his feather health (or lack there of). So my poor baby has been malnourished, and I had no idea! I feed him pellets, and nutri-balls, fruits, veggies, almonds (treats), he has a calcium block and a...