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feather blood

  1. H

    Urgent Budgie got red skin, itching & feathers loss issue

    Hi! I am new to this forum. Today I just woke up to see my budgie loss most of her feathers over night, and she is very itchy atm. I am attaching a picture of her where you can see, she even got red skin showing. Further I woke up to see her in blood, might i add I cover her completely and...
  2. LilFrodo

    Urgent Frodo dropped a feather with a slight bit of blood at the end

    So far he seems fine, and no obvious/major bleeding after a few look-overs. He’s in bed right now and I’ve popped over to check on him a couple times and he seems just fine. I’m just extremely paranoid and would appreciate some reassurance. He was sitting next to me when something freaked him...
  3. PeterConur

    Urgent I think my bird dropped a blood feather?? Please help!!

    Hi all! New bird owner here, my baby conure dropped a feather while I was out today and it has a spot of blood at the top, it looks like he broke it off? I’ll post a picture. He isn’t able to fly as his wings were clipped a while ago, and his cage is safe enough for him not to have hurt himself...