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feather barbering

  1. haze

    Conure will not preen tail??

    So as some of yall might remember, I have a CBC with a barbering problem. He is getting better with it, and right now his main issue is that he has no tail. He often breaks the tail feathers while they are still blood feathers, and then they just fall out. The few tail feathers that he does have...
  2. J

    Barbering flight feathers

    Hello! My newest flock member is a 4 year old green wing macaw named Cami. He came to me with feather destructive behavior towards his flight feathers. The previous owner tried a lot of things including imping him and nothing has helped, everything came back clear besides for a bit he had...
  3. katm89

    Hormonal feather destruction

    Hi all! My bird is at it again with barbering/chewing her feathers. I found out this past spring she was a girl when two eggs appeared in her cage initially I thought her barbering/over preening was due to low humidity in the house over fall and winter, but now it seems the barbering begins...
  4. S

    Plucking or Molting?

    Hi all. I have a green cheek conure, almost 9 months old. A few weeks ago, we took him for a bloof test and since then, he has been losing feathers way way too fast. His head is covered with pins. Every day I see a few feathers at the bottom of the cage and I see a few falling when he is with...
  5. chondlr

    Frayed Tail and Black Marks on Conure?

    I have a crimson bellied conure named Eddie - he’s 6 months old and I’ve been really concerned about his feathers. I’ve had green cheek conures before (a turquoise and a cinnamon) but he’s my first CBC and it’s only on him that I’ve noticed these black marks on his wings, and the end of his tail...
  6. Hoshi

    Olive Oil? Looking for Foods that Promote Strong and Healthy Feathers

    My bird has a problem. He enjoys ((trying)) to fly. He was cared for improperly at his breeder and his feathers were cut off his wings in a very sloppy manner. In short, he can't fly. He finds jumping off his cage and flapping rapidly to be a good past time. Unfortunately for him, that hasn't...
  7. Sitruceel

    Patagonian Conure Questions

    Hello everyone, I’m fairly new here! Several months ago, I was looking to adopt an older parrot and had given up my search untilan elderly woman emailed me wanting to know if I’d take her 6-8 year old Patagonian conure in June. I drove two hours to go meet him and saw my first patty in real...
  8. singermanlynne

    Feather Plucking HELP!!

    My precious Illiger is plucking. It started right after the flooding from Harvey in Texas. I have had him evaluated by a specialist avian medicine and we have tested for everything she can think of. I finally had a collar that I special ordered placed on him and his feathers begin to grow back...
  9. Fowler

    Caique adopter

    hi everyone I’ve been using this sight for quite some time for information, insight, tips and solutions to questions. So thank you avian Avenue for existing. So I figured why not join. My last name really is Fowler my new avian vet thinks it’s funny.. I do to now that I’m a bird mom. Anyways...
  10. AYA

    Lorie's new haul

    I've been meaning to buy some more toys for Lawrence for a while now, as my selection is pretty slim (and dull-- quality toys that aren't just cheap plastic covered with bells and mirrors are hard to find where I live), but a few days ago I had the cash to splurge on my little buddy :D She's...
  11. AYA

    First Vet Visit!

    Today Lawrence went on his first trip to the vet :D He went for a general check-up, look at his feathers, and to get DNA sexed (I've just been assuming he was a boy this whole time lol, can't wait for the results in the next few weeks). I was really nervous about how he'd go, but he did really...