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  1. Gemmy1057

    My budgie’s wings are clipped and she keeps falling!!

    Help!! My six-seven month old Budgie, pineapple, had her wings clipped by Petco when I first bought her. I didn’t do my research on Petco and didn’t know they clip their birds wings. She has since moved from a smaller cage to a much bigger and taller flight cage with my other budgie, Sonny...
  2. suniee

    Learning to fly

    So my cockatiel Moonbeam is having a hard time learning how to fly. I have only had one other cockatiel before him and it was flying the day I bought it. I didn't have the chance to see Moonbeam fly before i bought him though. He since has molted a bit more and you can clearly see his left wing...
  3. K

    no tail cockatiel for 11 years

    Hello! So I have been a proud owner of a cockateil for 11 years now. I got him from a breeder, and yes of course I picked the one cockateil that had no tail. I was told he was hatched like that, and 11 year old me felt really bad for the bird and did not think he would be chosen by anyone else...
  4. Katalina

    Hello! I've got a complicated Cockatiel.

    Hello all! I've been lurking around reading a lot of really helpful posts here, but I have to admit I have a few more questions than I've found answers for. I apologize in advance if this is too long. So the backstory: December of last year (2018) I re-homed a 9 year old cockatiel. I'm at least...
  5. hrafn

    Urgent Kraz tiel's foot is discolored and lifeless

    THE FUN NEVER CEASES IN THIS HOUSE!!! Last night I noticed Kraz hobbling, but when I opened his door I realised that the cage was slightly unsteady, and assumed he was just wobbly because the cage moved when I opened his door. This morning I can see it's his leg. Yesterday, Taco...
  6. Alexi

    Falling off Perch?

    Hello Everyone! I posted a bit back about my little Cockatiel, Nimbus (He's almost 5 months old) but now I have a new concern and though I've read up about it I'm still curious to see what the lovely people of the site have to say. Nimbus falls off his perch when he sleeps, once or maybe even...