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diy bird toys

  1. C

    ideas for diy bird toys?

    so i made some toys already using paper towel roll and paper towels but questioned if it’s safe so haven’t used it. plus they seem uninterested. is there anything you guys use for diy bird toys? i have a couple of perch potatoes and wanna encourage them to forge around their cage and get...
  2. FeatheredM

    How can I use this (*fun thread)

    ( if this thread already exists, please delete this one and lead me to there) so I had this idea to make a thread for ideas of bird toys! You post a picture of something you have to recycle into a toy! And you wait for people to give you ideas of what you can turn your item into (make sure item...
  3. ZY28

    Are cardboard safe?

    Hi, So I recently cut out some cardboard pieces from ikeas packaging and toilet paper rolls(photos attached) to make bird toys. Then, I came across a article that said that corrugated cardboard and toilet paper rolls are not safe for parrots. I doubt this is true because a lot of parrot toys...
  4. RadiantG

    Video Chew chew chew.... except it's my fingers! But I have an idea

    Milo's going through an 'I MUST CHEW ALL THE THINGS' phase. Thank goodness he chose this bag of LEGO today instead of my hands. Like he did yesterday XD While I found that playing with Lego together (all small parts taken away, of course) helps when he's in the mood to pull apart my things, I'm...
  5. kayosa

    My diy toys

    Thought I’d post this for other people to get ideas from. simple playground With simple branch perch in background. I spread some seeds and wooden beads in a corner to get them some foraging time. Stainless steel scre another simple perch with ladder and toy, I keep this one on my dresser on...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    Check out my DIY bird toys!!

    Hey everyone, Toady, I decided to make some DIY bird toys since my birds prefer them over most of the toys I get from pet stores! I like to keep things simple since my birds enjoy it most that way. They don’t like big crazy toys, but instead simple shreddable toys! I’ve included some pics of...
  7. B

    Are knit/crocheted toys safe?

    I was wondering if I could knit or crochet some toys for a bird. I’m worried they could get a loose thread and get tangled, or get their claws stuck in the yarn.
  8. Pat7618


    My user name is Pat7618. I live in a senior community and loving it. I have a female Peachtree Lovebird named Kooter 3 yrs old, a cinnamon pearl pie Cockatiel named Angel 3yrs old and come March 1st a blue Parrotlet named Poppy he is one yr old. I also have two female cats Bebe and Bitsy...