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diet change

  1. Flynn

    Yay Pellets!

    I'm so happy right now!! I bought the Zupreem Natural pellets in hopes that Rio could switch off of the seed diet his breeder previously had him on, and to my surprise he likes them! I mashed the pellets with warm water and a small bit of cranberry juice (along with a small amount of seed). He...
  2. B

    Post Gallbladder Removal Diet and Lifestyle

    Hey guys! I've mentioned in passing before I was about to have surgery and I did have it last Tuesday. I'm only 20 but unfortunately I had to have my gallbladder removed due to gallstones that run through my family on my father's side. Several other family members had their gallbladders removed...
  3. Wendz

    Pictures My Bird is Sick & it's My Fault

    My story is long but I need to explain to get HELP and advice from you all. It begins in 2011 when I was given this tiny little pink wrinkly chick and was told it was a Hahns Macaw, I honestly didn't think he would live but he did, I hand reared him to the best of my ability with help from...
  4. Wendz

    Newby to Avian Avenue !!

    Hi Everyone, my name is Wendy from sunny South Africa, my little soul mate is a Hahns Macaw :hahns: called "BIRD". Finally I have found a community that shares good honest advice am so looking forward to my journey through Avian Avenue with you all.
  5. R

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi, I have just adopted a blue fronted amazon from a rescue. I like to think I know things but just like having babies years apart these memories and moments come and go. I’m happily browsing for now all the interesting notes and conversation, I’m certainly interested in giving him a better...
  6. R

    Healthy Diet

    I got my first bird, a budgie named Navi, about two weeks ago (or a slight bit more). He’s been eating seeds so far, with ocassional millet mixed in when he steps up (still in progress of taming). I put in a fresh raspberry on the first week, but he didn’t touch it. I’m a little paranoid about...
  7. Fowler

    Caique adopter

    hi everyone I’ve been using this sight for quite some time for information, insight, tips and solutions to questions. So thank you avian Avenue for existing. So I figured why not join. My last name really is Fowler my new avian vet thinks it’s funny.. I do to now that I’m a bird mom. Anyways...
  8. Roemeida

    Video Hello! New to the Forum

    Hello! My name isSara but I prefer to go by my username Roemeida (or Mei) online :) I have owned two budgies since 2012 and just this week got a loving silly Green Cheek!! I've been bonding with her in the store and she had taken a liking to me since she's been there (all of the employees felt...
  9. taxidermynerd

    Chirp tried his chop!

    Hi everyone! Today I made chop for my budgie, Chirp! I put broccoli, green beans, green bell pepper, carrots, acorn squash (steamed) and a little bit of steamed sweet potato in there. During the process, I offered him little bits of carrot and broccoli. He seems to at least recognize them as...
  10. Reggie

    Switching From KayTee...Thoughts?

    So I've seen several times that KayTee brand foods are the worst. Right now I feed them (my three budgies) KayTee pellets mixed with the ZuPreem fruit blend pellets that I found on the DrFosterSmith site. Is there something else I could feed them? They're not horribly picky, and I don't want to...
  11. Reggie

    Urgent Change In Diet - Change In Droppings?

    (Before anyone reads this I'm planning on taking them to the vet sometime in October, so I will be visiting an avian vet, I just need some experiences/advice on what people might think these issues are. :) ) I have a budgie named Manny who doesn't have tail feathers - after doing some research...