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  1. G


    So I heard, among all the pellets brands, that Harrison or Roudybush is considered the best of the best. But Harrisons has peanuts, corn, millet and sunflower. It has a lot of nice ingredients, but then it lists a bunch of supplements which I heard you shouldn't give your bird unless recommended...
  2. Littlelovebird

    Scratching and destroying feathers

    Hi guys! I have a hen lovebird and she scratches feathers near her eye and beak so bad that she ends up with a bald spot. At first we thought it was a molt and then we realized her nails were too sharp. Because of covid the service for trimming nails was closed at our oet store so we waited too...
  3. Littlelovebird

    Droppings diet and toys?

    Hey guys! skittles is now 5 months and she is super healthy and active! She eats pellets, veggies and fruits,seeds is a bit more of a reward like nutriberries for example. Today I noticed something weird in her droppings. The consistency was a bit weird ans there was little dark green spots and...
  4. R

    Are these stress bars?

    I had my little conure for about 3 months now and I started to notice his feathers are turning black in some areas. So I looked at pictures from when I first got him to now. I dont know if it's his diet or if he is stressed. I feed him pellets and fruits. He refuses to eat his veggies and sprouts.
  5. Proudparront

    Most Recent Chop!

    This is my most recent batch of chop! I make a new batch of chop about every month. I try to add as large of a variety as I can, to ensure my birds are all receiving the essential vitamins and minerals and I like cutting everything into slightly varying sizes. After I took these pcitures I also...