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  1. tameem

    Stool Status

    (I don't know where to put this, so mods can put it wherever appropriate if this isn't) (FYI: My timezone is GMT+3) "Again" meaning I took my cockatiel to a vet this Oct 2nd because of stool/poop suspicions (notably seeds in stool, bubbles in stool, the vet noticed diarrhea too). "Saturday"...
  2. Mason and Kiwi

    NEED ADVICE: Kidney Disease and Infection (Sad update post #13)

    Note: There is a TLDR at the bottom if you wish to skim or not read everything, but the details are important. Hello everyone. I am sad to say that Kiwi is not doing so great. I noticed on Sunday that she was not as active and as fluffed up as she normally would be. Birds really do act fine...
  3. susiemlo

    Baby Conure Weird Poop?

    Hi, my baby conure is about 5 months old and seems to be having her first molt! The last time we took her to the vet they said she had a small infection but it could be treated with apple cider vinegar water which we have been giving her for the past 3 weeks. However, I’m concerned about her...
  4. cocotiel

    URGENT!!! 2 week old cockatiel with sour crop (Sad Update #8)

    Hi, hope you all are doing well with all your feathered friends. Mine on the other hand is extremely sick. I got a 2 week old cockatiel, Mini, which already had a severe case of sour crop. The vet asked me to mix the handfeed with gripe water and prescribed Nystatin along with cephalexin twice a...
  5. J

    Urgent Budgie with dirty vent , been sleeping a lot throughout the day

    I just got 2 new budgies around 3 days ago. According to their previous owner they were on an all-seed diet ( specifically canary seed). So on the day I first got them . I noticed that Sugar, the dilute violet budgie had some feces( quite dark colored and dried up) being stucked on his vent ...
  6. B

    budgie not recovering?

    hello, my budgie has been having really sticky droppings and diarrhea and recently got diagnosed with coccidia. the vet prescribed medicines for her which we are supposed to give for 10 days before going back to the vet. however its already been 5/6 days and my budgie is not showing any...
  7. MarthaG

    Urgent Help...he ate tape

    My PeeWee has ate some tape around his mirror I made for him and now he has diarrhea and acts a bit ill. There are no vets near me, not that I can drive to. Any advice? Is there anything to give him for his diarrhea?
  8. izzybpb

    Pictures Sick budgie

    Hi everyone. I am concerned about my 8 year old male budgie. Since this morning, he has been fluffed up and sleeping excessively (or at least trying to). He has also been quiet and strangely docile. I was able to pick him up without any resistance (usually he bites the hell out of my hand or...
  9. A

    Urgent Cockatiel suffering side effects after antibiotic

    Help! I have a question about my female cockatiel. She was having eye issues. Her right eye was watery and itchy. Wasn't red or swollen though. Just a few feathers lost around that eye. Also she had sneezed a few times in the past few days and had a somewhat sore throat (voice not normal) I...
  10. Klspires

    HELP!! Watery poop

    i have an 11 month old GC conure named Bruno that recently went through a traumatic even on Dec 24, 2016 (my dad was visiting and accidentally partially closed a Sliding glass door on him under my husbands faulty supervision-- I'm still very upset) anyway, took him to his avian vet and she said...