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death; lovebirds; grief; guilt; new pet

  1. T

    Need Urgent Help With My Budgie Who Has Just Lost His Companion

    Hello there you guys! I hope you are all doing well today! Very unfortunately, my little buddy has just lost his mate 2 days ago :( Ever since her passing, my budgie has been very unlike himself and unusual! He is usually such a big foodie, but now he doesn't even go to eat or drink water by...
  2. Az97

    Why did my moms lovebird suddenly die?

    Thank you for whoever is taking the time to read this.. means a lot to me. I gifted my mom a lovebird, Ria, in summer 2019. She was already an adult when I purchased her but I never knew her exact age. Ria never enjoyed playing with toys nor was she active. She didn't allow anyone to touch her...
  3. arayabd

    Heartbroken without her

    Hi all, On April 19 my beloved lovebird Azulé passed away. She had an egg binding and I took her to vet as soon as I saw the egg stuck, I'm not sure what happened after but when the vet gave her back to me she was very quiet and lethargic. The next day she was a little more chipper but after...
  4. C


    Hi, I've never used these bird forums for advice before since there was not much to ask. Our caique was gentle, funny, kind, ate all his veggies like a champ, and his hormones had mellowed. He wasn't a biter, but could bite, if that makes sense (he would step up and play when he was in the mood...
  5. M

    Feeling sadness and guilt. Looking for thoughts.

    *Long read-thankful for any advice* Four weeks ago my life was changed when I brought home my baby conure Billie. Two days ago it changed again when she passed away. She was just four months old, and my heart is broken to pieces. Our little family was me, my boyfriend, and Billie.. who we had...
  6. parsaxyz

    RIP pista.

    Hello, It pains me to say that my bestfriend has passed. I really dont know how to get into it, just that i feel extremely guilty. I forgot to lock his cage door and he got out and had gotten stuck between my blanket and died. Just to let you know im sort of soft hearted meaning i do tear...
  7. birdlover99

    Missing my little birdy

    On Friday, I had to work morning shift and I left without saying good morning to my Pewe. I don't normally do that but If I say good morning before I leave for work Pewe gets really loud and wants to get out of his cage. He ends up waking my fiance up and he gets pretty upset being woken up that...