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cold weather

  1. chondlr

    safe heating for bird room??

    It’s been getting really chilly this winter more so then before so for the first time I’ve been looking into getting a indoor heater. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/de-longhi-1000w-radia-s-oil-column-heater.html currently thinking of this one as I saw these electric oil heaters in other...
  2. P

    How to Move birds safely to new home

    My move for my 5 tiels is coming very soon! I am wondering if you guys have any general tips on making the move smooth and safe? The temperature outside will be around 5 degrees C, give or take. Are there any indoor car fumes that are dangerous, or is having them in any car air safe? I will...
  3. Sweet Louise

    Power outage

    We rarely lose power. First snow of the year (flurries!) and power is out due to weather. I have put Louise in the warmest room in the house and covered her cage with blankets. Power looks not to be restored for 8 hours. At what room temp should we move out and go for a warm ride until power...
  4. Papaya24


    Hi everyone, I am looking for a smart heater that I can control on my phone and connect to Wifi. Has anyone used this heater before? The company had repeatedly stated they do not use Teflon in this heater.
  5. BirbFriend

    Keeping them warm in winter?

    Hi! I have adopted a plucker and we're coming up on our first winter together. I have him in the warmest room in the house, but he gets shivery when it drops below 73F or so, and even in the mid-upper 70s if he's bathed. Now that the temperatures outside are dropping below that I'm getting...
  6. M

    Can i use this heater my bird room

    can this type heater safe for bird?can i used it my bird room?
  7. Scarlet&Annie

    Drafty door, will covering the cage with blankets help?

    Hi! Unfortunately can't post a photo to better explain but the house I'm in gets very cold due to no central heating in the bedrooms so my Conure and her cage get moved to the living room where the heater is. The door is somewhat nearby and I don't have much elsewhere to put her right now...