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cockatoo care

  1. birbgurl

    My go-to site for anything birb related

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for all my birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby) George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies (found...
  2. barbs0nly

    getting a black palm in a few years any advice? :)

    at my current point in life i have no time for another bird, i’m too busy with nursing school and don’t wanna bring another baby into chaos, especially one as delicate as a too, however i’ve been saving and wanting one for years i plan on getting a HUGE cage, plenty of toys, basically the works...