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cockatiel corner

  1. charlieboy

    Need help with flight training!

    I got Charlie at a breeder, and I thought they let him fledge before clipping his wings. Well, I was wrong... He is going trough his first molt right now and his wing feathers almost completely grew back in already! He flies super well and even fast, but there is one single yet important...
  2. charlieboy

    Need help with Charlie's seed part of his diet!

    Hi guys! Charlie is running low on the homemade seed mix we got from the breeder (pictures above mixed with a bunch of colored pellets) which is pretty far away, so I decided to go to the pet shop and give commercial seed mixes a try. I tried my best to pick the healthiest they had, at least...
  3. charlieboy

    Made Charlie a small climbing net!

    It's easier to make than I thought, just takes a lot of patience :D Made it with coconut rope, used about 3/4 of my bundle which cost me only 5 dollars, if I remember well! So yay! Savings! :) Charlie seems to like munching on it, slowly moving towards getting him to climb on it...
  4. charlieboy

    Question on Out-of-cage Time

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum so feel free to move my thread :) I keep hearing that regarding out-of-cage time quality is more important than quantity, but I still sometimes worry. Usually on weekdays Charlie will get 2-3 hours out of his cage either hanging out with me on my...
  5. charlieboy

    High Performance or Lifetime Formula Tropican pellets?

    So Charlie has been fed High Performance Tropican pellets (link) since his weaning. I'm really happy he likes them! He eats about 40% pellets, 50% seeds and 10% veggies/other for now, slowly moving towards a better diet of course. He is now almost 5 months old and I have been eyeing the...
  6. charlieboy

    Charlie singing is so cute!!!

    First time I hear him make these noises!!! HE'S SO ADORABLE!! :faint: My constant wolf whistling and kissy noises were well worth it!! :heart:
  7. charlieboy

    Video Charlie's T4W Toys are here! :)

    They arrived yesterday night, took these pictures this morning :) I think he approves! We are both super happy :heart: P.S. Please excuse my pajamas haha! Also, I am aware Charlie has unusually squinty eyes in these, they're back to normal now and I'm taking him to the vet soon just in...
  8. charlieboy

    Urgent Squinty (Swollen?) Eyes

    So Charlie hasn't sneezed since yesterday... but this morning I found him with squinty eyes :( They aren't red and there is no discharge but this isn't normal... It's starting to look like allergies to me, but I'm afraid it may be something else... I'm really worried... I gave him a misting...
  9. charlieboy

    Urgent Charlie had a bunch of wet sneezes

    Sooo I had been hanging out with him in the basement which is the driest room in the house due to heating and Charlie started scratching his nares and wet sneezing for a few minutes, never seen him do this before, his sneezes are usually dry. I thought it might be the lack of humidity (?) so I...
  10. charlieboy

    Video What's Does This Sound Mean?

    So Charlie will be 4 months old in 4 days and he still makes what I call his "baby noises", which I assume is normal. He doesn't seem to be asking for anything though; I've tried offering him seeds, pellets, water, even warm oatmeal for comfort, but he shows no interest, the only thing he will...
  11. EfremSkopje

    Parent-fed Tiel Taming Process Being Not Responsive

    As it is in the title, I have a cockatiel which is not hand-fed. Unfortunately, I don't know its gender (a lutino), he or she is still molting and probably is about 6-7 months old. I got my cute tiel when it was about 5 months old I guess, and since then, I tried multiple ways of training it...
  12. BesserBirds

    Need help with cockatiel diet

    I got a cockatiel just over 2 months ago and it is my first bird. I gave him all seeds for 2 months until I realized he was getting fat! I did some research and discovered that was wrong but can’t find any good diets! Can someone give me some diet info and what percentages of what I should...