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    Babes cockatiel

    Hello, I’m new here (English is not my first language) and also my first time taking care of a bird. I put a box “home” to my grownups cockatiels and they had two babies for the first time. At 5th day they stopped getting inside the box and let the babies alone for a whole day and a whole night...
  2. H

    taming two 2 months old cockatiels.

    I have two beautiful two months old cockatiels that I helped their parents raise by hand feeding them with the parents daily. I didn't spend much time with them after hand feeding, not more than 1-2 minutes in my hand talking to them. they step up when I push my finger against their chest they...
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    Please help! Cockatiel terrified of everything

    Before I get started let me say that I have searched and searched for answers. They are all about untamed cockatiels... So. My baby Morty was born in May of last year. I have had him since Sept. He was hand fed and will step up and eat out of my hands etc. BUT, he is terrified of everything. We...
  4. E

    Screaming, Weaning Baby Cockatiel

    Hey guys! Currently, hand-feeding about a 6-week old cockatiel named Manny. He has been doing great so far but I have found he does not show much interest in his seed throughout the day. Sometimes he nibbles on millet but not too much of it. He also screams a lot of the day when he sees me ( I...