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clipped wings

  1. L

    How long does it take for clipped wings to grow back

    unfortunately, while I was away my brother clipped my parrots' wings because when they were flying they kept hitting the wall, he thought they might hurt themselves because his friend's alexandrine broke her leg like that, I got 2 month old green cheek conure and alexandrine
  2. J

    Clipping wings

    Hi, I was wondering how many people clip their birds wings but couldn't find anything on line. Can you please fill out this survey about this if you have the time. It's just a yea or no question btw. https://forms.gle/rvu6vNeCCqCauFsK8
  3. ktluvszoe

    Safe flight time in open floor plan

    Hiya guys! Still fairly new to the forum and parronting, this is my second post and third week with my lovebird (first bird ever, aside from 11 year old neighborhood peacock who has chosen me as his person). Have a question about flight time in my house layout with a pretty open floor plan...
  4. Craigfam

    Breeder wing clipping

    Hey guys - newbie here ;) The breeder who has our 5.5 week old sun conure insists on wing clipping all the birds in her care. I explained to her that we haven’t fully made up our mind on clipping but we felt like it shouldn’t be done until he/she has learned to fly. The breeder of course had a...
  5. Maple_tiel

    Help with recall flight training for clipped cockatiel

    I’m not entirely sure where to post this thread, but I figure here is probably the best place. My cockatiel is clipped, I don’t have a say, I live with my father who wants him clipped and I’m not in a position to move out. I do however want him to be flighted when I move out. So my question...
  6. conureluv

    Flight pinnies?

    My 10 month old gcc is clipped, and I couldn’t help but notice some white tubular “pin feathers” (?). Is this the start of his wing molt? that was from yesterday. They look more whiter and fuller today.
  7. conureluv

    When will flight feathers grow in?

    When I bought my green cheek conure from the breeder, he was clipped. He started his molt about 3-5 months ago (he’s 10 months old) and has shedded three or four tail feathers and head, chest and backside of the wing feathers as well. When do you think he will molt out his clipped wings?
  8. mangosaur

    Uneven wings

    Hi Everyone! Just looking for advice, my conure Darcy came to me clipped 2 months ago. However, one of his wings looks damaged and is dramatically shorter than the other, he can’t get any lift from that wing so when he spooks, he will fall on that wing and has broken a blood feather due to this...
  9. alyssanor


    i have said in other posts that i need to clip their wings but you guys say no.............
  10. conureluv

    My boy took a tumble.

    I take my bird in the shower and he was sitting on my finger when he got startled and fell straight onto the edge of my granite bar where I hold all my soaps. I checked him to make sure he was ok, and since he was wet it was hard to tell. Right now he is sitting on my desk, and I am trying to...
  11. Mango5

    Clipped Wings

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and I don’t know where exactly to post this question so I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong spot. I have owned a lovebird named Mango for 1 year now and everything with me and him are completely fine. My friend got a cockatiel today and his wings where clipped, I’m...
  12. Tinabell


    very sad to say the Rose Breasted Cockatoo I was going to take home in July was put to sleep from multiple birth defects . I found another in Florida and the breeder promised to not clip the wings. Today he told me he had to clip two feathers on each side, a light clip. He said in a few months...
  13. Tinabell

    To clip a new baby rose breasted cockatoo or not?

    I’m getting a baby Rose Breasted Cockatoo . The breeder says he will fledge before I get him. He recommended a very light clip , I’m not sure what my thoughts are on that ? Since he or she will be so little and new to me and my home, will it want to fly away in my house? Is it a better idea to...
  14. Violaxo

    Bad wing clipping

    so my budgie seems to have had a bad wing clipping .... all the feathers are clipped on both wings, except they left the long primary feathers on her left wing. Is this okay for now, or should I take her back... I’m skeptical about taking her back because she has been to and from the vet the...
  15. A

    My GCC will no longer "step up"?

    Hi there everyone! - I'm new to Avian Avenue and I have a new green cheek conure that I've had for just a few weeks (my first bird, too!). I didn't ask his exact age but it sounded like he is only several months old, less than a year at least. When I got him he would eagerly step up either onto...
  16. S

    Baby CAG with clipped wings can fly?

    Hi everyone- We recently adopted a 14 weeks old African grey and just found out his wings have been excessively clipped by the breeder, and to the extent that he is not able to balance well. We are told that it can take almost a year for him to have new feathers. I am wondering if he ever be...
  17. 1234Starburst

    clipped wings

    how can you tell your budgies wings are clipped? i just got my budgie yesterday and i want to make sure that it will be okay if i let it out. also i was wondering if someone could maybe gender my bird for me? it is a baby. its cere is white around the nostrils, but bluish-purple around the rest.