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cinnamon conure

  1. D

    How do I get my birds to get along?!?

    Please help ! I have two green cheek conures and they are not getting along. I got Kanye first and he is going to be 1 in Oct I had him for about 5 months and I just got Pete about 1 month ago. Kanye is a cinnomon green cheek and pete is a regular green cheek. pete i got from a store that isnt...
  2. Feathergirl626

    Urgent Overnight stress plucking

    Hey everyone. Sprout (my 1 year cinnamon green-cheek conure) was fine last night but when I got him this morning, I found this. We've had a mouse issue lately (working on it), and we've been finding droppings in Sprout's food. We've tried moving his food bowl to different areas in his cage...
  3. U

    Cinnamon conure having trouble moulting

    Hey guys, this is my first time on this forum, I really need some help!! My cinnamon conure, Frankie, is about 8 months old, I've had him since he was 4 weeks old. He's been having a lot of trouble moulting the past couple of months. His feathers seem to be perpetually stuck in their sheaths. I...
  4. T

    Hello from Greece !!!

    My name is Thomas Komninos and i am 37 y.o. At November 2017 a friend bring me a couple Green Cheek Conure from Italy exhibition. Male pinapple and female cinnamon ( i don't know if there are any splits tell me if i make mistake to colours ) Was in bad contition. After 1 year ( April 2019 ) make...
  5. Tessiebird

    Potty dance?

    I have a cinnamon conure named Tessie and I'm not sure if it's something the breed does or something she's learned but right before she needs to poop she'll get on the floor of her cage and walk around for a second before backing up and doing the deed. Is this a normal thing or is she just...
  6. Tessiebird

    Hello everyone!

    Hi I'm Taylor and I'm a first time bird owner. My cinnamon conure is Tessie and she's five months old at the time of me writing this. We've had her for six days and she's the sweetest love bug. She wasn't handled much at the store where we got her but she loves cuddling and preening us already...
  7. Noah

    New Tricks for baby bird?

    If you've seen any of my previous posts, you know that my baby conure, Jasper, is developing quickly. If you haven't seen my posts, i'll let you in on it. I have a baby Cinnamon GGC named Jasper. For a while, we were just teaching him how to get off of bad habits like biting, but then we...