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cage set-up

  1. AussieBird

    Pictures LJ’s Cage Set-up

    @Zara suggested I do this thread so here. Lemon Jade (goes by LJ) is a estimated 8-9 year old male budgie. Recently he started having issues with his feet (pressure sores and mild bumble foot), the sores have since clear up but I am in prevention mode now. I believe the root of his issues is...
  2. FeatheredM

    New cage set up

    I got new toys! I made a new colorful perch! And I set my cage up differently! My budgies are pretty happy There are the before and after pictures,you can give advice if you want
  3. FeatheredM

    Need some advice on perches

    I'm getting a new bird and I need some perches, I have a limited amount of money, and I need a place with good, varied perches that aren't too expensive. The perches are for a conure.
  4. MPCacatúa

    Cage Setup for 4 Budgies

    Hello! I wanted to share my cage set up and ask if there are any improvements I should make? Also- how can I get more toys and such in the lower half so they can enjoy their whole enclosure? (most of my toys hang from the ceiling of the cage) Also- they are allowed out of the cage daily! The...
  5. MxBirbo

    How's my cage setup?

    Can I have some advice on my cage setup for my cockatiel, Aries? When we're home, he's basically out of the cage the whole time unless he's ready to go to bed. (I am going to be getting him a larger cage soon!) Any advice? Praise? Constructive criticism? Thanks birb fam!
  6. Chase Hein

    Natural Perch Problems

    Hey, so I have been needing new perches for my birds for a while. I have three sticks that I have washed with water and striped the bark as much as I could. They are maple. Is there anything that I should do to them to make the sticks sanitary and free of disease, fungus, etc.? Thanks again...
  7. Cockatango

    Pictures Cage set up advice

    I've had Tango for over a year now, and this is her first cage. I'm very aware that cockatiels need lots of toys and stimulation. I rearrange and switch out almost all her furniture when I clean out her cage. I keep the door open all day so she can move around as she likes. I put lino on the...
  8. J

    Cages/Aviaries for Lorikeets

    What is the ideal housing for a Lorikeet? I'm looking at a cage which is 140cm high, 60cm deep, 95cm wide. Will my Lori be happy in there? He'll get flying time inside every day.
  9. Atomiklan

    Coconut nest

    Any suggestions on how to encourage my new finches to use their coconut nest? I know there is a lot more to consider regarding encouraging/discouraging breeding with and without a nest, but I guess I will cross that bridge a little later. Still not even sure yet if I have a male female pair...
  10. GabeCast

    How's my cage setup?

    Just wondering if I can get some feedback on my cage? Not so sure about the size, the lady at the store recommended this cage. I gave him a calcium chew block, a little bell toy-thing to play with and shredding wood. Anything setup wrong in the cage? Here's some pictures:
  11. Roemeida

    Video Hello! New to the Forum

    Hello! My name isSara but I prefer to go by my username Roemeida (or Mei) online :) I have owned two budgies since 2012 and just this week got a loving silly Green Cheek!! I've been bonding with her in the store and she had taken a liking to me since she's been there (all of the employees felt...
  12. DreamQuestin

    Easter Canaries are home!

    Greetings and good morrow folks! So Jaron is now home! In an unexpected twist, his/her momma came home too. I haven't chosen a name for her as yet as this was completely unexpected. Jaron can fly and eats on her/his own, but still harasses momma to feed him a fair bit. And she does a bit...
  13. Reggie

    I Accidentally Spoiled My Birds Once Again...

    So I got some birthday money, and the first things that came to mind were some bird supplies I'd had my eye on! I accidentally went a little overboard, and now I wanna show everyone how spoiled my budgies really are! This is their cage as of Friday night. I'd just cleaned it! It's a You & Me...