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building trust

  1. K

    how to build trust/help stop hissing

    i recently got a cockatiel about a week ago. i want to say he's 9 or so months old, i've named him atlas. i wanted to wait for him to adjust before i let him out of his cage for the first time, but no matter what i do he hisses if i get too close, and i'm worried that he won't get back in the...
  2. T

    How can i grow a genuine bond with my cockatiel?

    I feel like i'm not as close as i can be with my (male) cockatiel, when i got him he was quite defensive, easily scared and aggressive at times because his previous home wasn't the greatest. It has gotten way better now that i have him for a while but i'm hoping you guys can give me some tips on...
  3. Jonathorus

    My lovebird doesn't trust me. HELP!!

    I have had a lovebird since April 2021. Her name is Passion (Fitting name I know lol). Before I had Passion I had gotten a Parakeet named Eden on September 10th 2020, sadly she died on February 5th 2021. So when I first got Passion I didn't spend a lot of time with her because I was still...
  4. C

    Cockateil training

    So my tiel is 6 months old .She was raised by me since she was 2 weeks old .She was very much tamed and trusted me till.I even taught the step up command easily and then somewhere something went wrong ,suddenly my bird doesnt trust me and bites if I touch her.I think it might be because I...
  5. M

    Trust Issues (Indian Ringneck)

    I purchased an Indian Ringneck (6 months old) around 4 days ago and has been in its cage since. Whenever I try to get really close to the cage it starts to frantically fly side to side and also does the same when I try to change its feed. It isn't tame so would like for it to gain some trust in...
  6. rylanminer

    Trouble Gaining Trust with my cockatiel Cherrio

    Hey everyone! My name is Rylan Miner, and about 7 months ago I purchased a loving cockatiel that I named Cherrio. Since I bought the bird I am still uncertain about wether she is a boy or a girl, and even how old she it! This is some information that I don’t know about her. (I call her a girl)...
  7. MaggieBee

    Cori update: one small step for a little budgie, one giant leap for trust-building

    Look!!! LooklooklookLOOK: I'M V I B R A T I N G WITH EXCITEMENT After he was full he stood perched for like 20 minutes more. Fluffed up and everything! My arm hurts, but it was worth it :joyful: @tka @Dorcas George @Monica @Ulis_Beast
  8. Birbnoob

    New here, also sorry that I posted this twice in a different thread.

    I'm new here. My name is Indra, I'm 20 y/o and got my first birds ever. I have two budgies, pepper and banana. I used to have another budgie together with banana called blueberry, but I bought her when she was already sick and it was too late for the treatment my vet started to really help. So...
  9. Kathryn

    Building Trust with My New BFA and other ?'s

    I recently purchased my wonderful new feathered friend, a blue fronted amazon this Wednesday, October 18th. He/she was born on May 1st, 2017 and I was wondering how I would work on building trust with my new baby? I want the bird to be well socialized with all members of the family. Right now my...