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broken wing

  1. K

    Urgent broken or bruised wing?

    Hey guys! About two weeks ago i came home to my one year old female cockatiel, KUKU, having scab-like dried blood on both her wings. When i took her to the vet, he said its nothing to worry about and will heal on its own (probably a very bad night fright) He prescribed an oral medicine to mix in...
  2. suniee

    Learning to fly

    So my cockatiel Moonbeam is having a hard time learning how to fly. I have only had one other cockatiel before him and it was flying the day I bought it. I didn't have the chance to see Moonbeam fly before i bought him though. He since has molted a bit more and you can clearly see his left wing...
  3. Kima

    Healed-over broken wing

    Hi, I'm considering adopting a IRN who was tossed out and when found had a broken wing that has healed over. Vet does not feel breaking wing and resetting is worth it. Wing hangs down somewhat, but other than being flightless, doesn't seem to be a problem. I've found very little about...