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broken beak

  1. M


    I know that this is usually more of a place for parrots and I have those too but this post mainly involves a chicken. I’m entertaining the idea of making some prosthetics for a rescue hen. She came to us with a damaged beak and more recently ended up with frostbite which has led to the loss of...
  2. A

    Broken beak and jaw hand feeding

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and not sure if I am even putting this in the correct thread. But I figured y'all would have the best advise. Short version is my beloved green check conure fractured his jaw and his bottom beak one day ago. He has been to the vet and we were told to hand feed with a...
  3. JoannaHarold

    911 Broken beak tip of Little Harold

    Hello and thank you for allowing me to join. Im in a right state. The tip of the beak of my 7 yr old macaw called Little Harold (that ive just adopted due to his owner passing away) has broken off due to falling off the top of his cage to the floor. He cried and tried to hide. There was blood...
  4. Lady Hampton

    Black capped conure broken beak

    My black capped conure Wall-E got her upper beak broken off on June 8th. She was given antibiotics for 15 days and pain medication for 7. The first 2 weeks she could only eat puréed food or baby food. She was also given a special formula for injured birds. She has slowly been able to eat soft...
  5. P

    911 Urgent!

    Pip had broken a part of her lower beak this morning and we wnet to visit a vet afterwards. They told us to feed her soft foods and give her medicine in the food. Shes always efused to eat anything soft or wet and it looks like when she tries to eat it hurts. Any tips on how to give her food or...
  6. hrafn

    Pictures Taco broke his beak -_-

    Remember when I joked about this kid needing to be swathed in bubble wrap? :shifty: Pro tip: When you're getting so excited over a new toy that you've already bonked yourself hard on your cage bars twice, maybe you should stop smashing it for a second and let your mom move it to a safer...
  7. Roy666

    Pictures Captain Stipped/Broken tip of his beak.

    Hi all lovely bird loving people's, I need some urgent suggestion/help from you , as I am very much worried. Couples of days ago during afternoon my grey parrot Captain suddenly stopped talking & feeling lethargic after a spray bath. Also he is not eating anything , we can't figure out what...