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Pictures Captain Stipped/Broken tip of his beak.


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IMG_20180521_172931287_LL.jpg IMG_20180519_175647607_LL.jpg IMG_20180519_175644262_LL.jpg Hi all lovely bird loving people's,

I need some urgent suggestion/help from you , as I am very much worried.

Couples of days ago during afternoon my grey parrot Captain suddenly stopped talking & feeling lethargic after a spray bath. Also he is not eating anything , we can't figure out what exactly happened. By giving close supervision on him I figured out that he is not eating any hard foods, he takes almonds on his feet takes it to the mouth & just cracking it he throws it.

So I guessed definitely something wrong with his beak. May be he have frightend my some thing during the morning on his sleeping cage or some toys & broke tip of his upper beak inner part .
I am feeding him baby food Cerelac with syringe ,Electrol water with syringe, He is eating grapes & almonds if I cut it in pieces. But he don't have much interest in eating of his own. Normally he talks a lot , he is very silent for couple of days. Also sleepy sometimes & sleeping with his head tucked under the back wing.

He is climbing up & down on the cage without any problem.
Sometimes he is keeping his head down like 1-2 seconds like asking for cuddles.
Do anyone have similar experience?

We don't have any specialised avian vet here.


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I would look for a vet as soon as possible. Sounds like something else might be going on. A small chip like that shouldn’t cause that much of an issue. Perhaps there is another injury you can’t see.

My grey chips her beak like that rather often. It’s never caused behavior or eating issues.


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What you are describing is consistent with a broken beak if that break was enough to cause bleeding. Remember that their beaks are inundated with nerve endings and when they break those beaks, even chip-off the tip, they're in great pain.

This exact thing happened to my Timneh back in September. I had her out in the Lanai one evening and she was on my finger. As I was heading back into the house and before I was able to slide open the glass door she decided that she was going to go in before me. So she flew off my finger into the door which wasn't a problem (because I was standing right in front of the door) but then she slid straight down and that's when she hit the ground and chipped her beak. There was some bleeding, not much, but when I put her back on top of her cage I could tell she was in pain. She had a visibly shocked expression (this was a new sensation for her) in that her eyes were wide open and she kept trying to shake her head as if trying to shake off the pain - imagine a bird shaking water off itself. The next day I had my wife go out and buy hand-feeding formula and for about a week after that we hand-fed her until she was able to eat on her own, including cracking nuts. She was lethargic and disinterested at first but regained her personality as we continued hand feeding her and even became a little bit spoiled by the hand feedings.

Normally I would not hesitate to take one of my birds to the vet at the first sign of an issue but this was days before hurricane Irma was scheduled to touch down in my area. Both me and my wife work in the medical profession so we were very busy that week, businesses were closed, gas stations were out of gas, and people were boarding up their homes. I did email my former avian vet in New York who said he would have given my bird some pain meds and if there was a crack he would have glued it but aside from that he told me to keep doing what I was doing. After about a week she was good as new but I did take her to an avian vet the first chance that I got who confirmed that she was okay.

My Tomneh's chipped beak did not look much different from the pictures that you posted of your bird.


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Don’t feed Cerelac. It’s not good for birds. Buy baby bird formula or grind pellets and mix with water.