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breeding box

  1. Rio&Friend

    What can I use instead of wood shavings

    Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest me what can I use instead of wood shavings. And can millets good for the breeding boxes floor.
  2. tanuki93

    Hello! Cleaning Nest question ^_^

    Hello guys! My budgies had a little chick, I don't know if I shall clean a bit the nest because it starts to get a little too dirt, The baby is healthy and its 18 days old! I just worry that if I clean up the nest maybe the mum won't want to take care of the baby :/ ?
  3. U

    Pictures Parrotlet nests?

    So my parrotlet is laying eggs The only thing is they didn’t build a nest in the nest box. The eggs are just laying there in the otherwise empty box. Is that a problem? Should I try dropping nesting material in?
  4. E

    (Requesting) African gray breeding advice

    I’ve been looking into a pair of grays who are both of age and fertile according to some vet analysis papers. For some reason though they are just having a hard time reproducing. Their owner says they’re around 13 and they’ve been together for a long time, the hen lays one of the eggs are...
  5. Hobocat

    English Budgie Nesting Box Size

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the group. We became owners of a pair of English budgies less than a week ago. To our knowledge they are approximately a year old. We set them up in a big cage, etc., but they seem to be feeling the amour of spring. LOL. They have a "no mess" feeder which is about...