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breeder info

  1. Y

    Leg band LGA 879

    This was my sunconures leg band. I think it had a purple pink type tint at one time. LGA 879, I cannot track it to find out how he was or where he came from. I thought he was only 10, but passed away suddenly, like overnight. Maybe he was older than 10, does anyone know that code? I keep getting...
  2. papaya13

    FINALLY Ready to Adopt… LF a Jardine’s!

    After years of patience and admiration from a distance, I’m finally prepared to start a relationship with a bird of my own! …that is, if I can find one. I have my heart set on a Jardine’s, but it seems like there are none to be found. I have any new poicephalus postings drop listed on...
  3. M

    CITES Export Permit - Do not know origin of pet

    I adopted my pet conure, "Buddy" in 2014 by a couple who just had a baby and needed to find a good home for their pet, this was on Craigslist The conure has a blue captive bred ID ring with letters "FFC OR" which is on the left leg. I looked this ring number up on "Leg Band Registry" website...