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  1. Jxdeeyy

    Budgie not getting better

    Hi, so I’ve given my budgie 2 rounds of different antibiotics prescribed by my vet. She seems to get better each time but then her symptoms come back. Now we have moved house and my budgies are still getting used to the environment, I’ve cleaned and hoovered everywhere, left the windows open...
  2. G

    Hahns Macaw Breathing Problem

    Hi, a few weeks ago mine and my partners hahns macaw named Winston started with a sudden onset of laboured breathing, he seemed fine other than this breathing which was very loud. On the way to the vets it suddenly stopped but we still gave him his full course of antibiotics. Just yesterday the...
  3. Darkninja

    Budgie breathing fast but acting normal

    I have a 3 and a half old budgie now, and I noticed she's breathing faster than normal. But she acts normal and shows no signs of being ill. Is this normal?
  4. clisa

    Recurring plaque in back of oral and nasal cavity. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

    Hi, my avian vet can not figure out why this whitish plaque keeps growing in the back of my sun conure's oral cavity bordering on the nasal cavity. As it builds up, her breathing becomes labored and I can hear it. The vet has sedated her now 4 or 5 times to clean it out and it keeps coming...
  5. Em.gnzz

    Odd breathing

    Hello, I have a little budgie who is 3 years old and I began to notice a few months ago that his breathing sounds odd. I'm not sure if he is sick, he still jumps around, sings, plays and eats. Sometimes he just starts the weird breathing and a minute later he's back to normal. I also previously...
  6. R

    How close is too close?

    So I know how big of a no-no it is to burn candles near a bird. But I'm wondering how far from a bird would it be okay? Our bird stays in our living room, downstairs, and I would like to burn a candle in my bedroom, upstairs. If you guys thinks that's still too close then I'll play it safe and...
  7. L

    budgie under stress? or sick?

    Hello. Im new here hence, i apologize if i did not post this in the right category. i had three budgies in total. all of them are albino budgies. a pair and a baby. the male budgie never comes to me but is not scared either. the female budgie always comes to me easily. eats from my hand. flies...
  8. Charqee

    Urgent (Not Urgent But Concerned Mum) Blueberry's Breathing...

    Hello, Everyone! I posted earlier I believe last week about getting my new budgie, Blueberry. He's been doing fairly well and I'm allowing him to really get used to his surroundings while trying to get him on pellets. However, I've noticed something a bit strange with his breathing. I was...