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blue crown conure

  1. M

    Help w/Leg band info

    I have a Blue Crown Conure. And I’m trying to see if I can get any information from its leg band. On one side it says “LDF” then on the other side it has “4”. That’s it. I’m assuming this is breeder information. I was told this bird should be 3-3.5 yr old, male. I just had a blood DNA test sent...
  2. Missyszlee

    Blue Crown Conure Breeder?

    Hey all, I’m interested in getting a Blue Crown Conure however I’d prefer not to get one from the big exotic bird stores.. anyone have a breeder they highly recommend? Thanks! Missy
  3. C

    Update on BCC with Plucking Problem

    Brought him home today. He seems very healthy, his poops are great. As is his appetite and his behavior is normal. I'm going to guess his old owner had no idea how to care for a parrot or even feed one properly. I have a couple concerns, obviously the plucking, how can I alleviate that? Another...
  4. K

    My blue crown conure hates everyone but me

    I adopted my blue crown conure about 2 months ago. He is my absolute love. In the beginning he was agitated and wary of his new surroundings, which was totally expected. I would open his cage door and spend time just talking to him. He came out of his cage that first day and spent most of his...