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blood feather

  1. Blanquita

    Pictures Help! My Cockatiel pulled a blood feather from her tail.

    *GRAPHIC WARNING* bloody tail feathers Hello everyone, I am new to Avian Avenue. For some context, I have 2 cockatiels. Blanquita who is almost 10months old(Blanca for short), and Pepper who is 11months old. Blanca has her own cage, as she has some underlying health issues so she is...
  2. H

    Oh no blood feathers

    Bless my little trouble child I'm here again with Jolly the Triton. I know this isn't a vet I realize that, but sweet little boy has had a tricky blood feather for a bit of time. When I was at work, it must've broke. Just a little bit of blood thank goodness but it already clotted over and is...
  3. ASmallBirb

    Suspected Broken Blood Feather Help (With Additional Issues Due To Recently Passed Away Partner)

    Hi everyone! So, first thing, a quick little hello again! I was on this forum a little bit a few years back, but then got busy, and didn't use it for so long that I forgot I even had an account XD But I am very glad to be back now! Now, to the bigger point at hand here: My two and a bit year...
  4. urvogel

    Urgent broken blood feather

    Hello i recently got a baby cockatiel from a private pet breeder when i came home today he somehow managed to break one of the tail blood feathers and was bleeding luckly i managed to stop the bleeding, ona scale of 10(10 being the worst scenario) the bleeding was 4, the broken feather fell off...
  5. Scarlet&Annie

    Urgent Bird broke two small blood feathers, what should I do?

    Hey everyone. My Pineapple conure broke two small blood feathers on her back (not wing feathers.) Both seem to mostly have stopped bleeding but she's still trying to preen and stuff in that area. I'm not sure if I should use these hemostat things I have to try the clamp the end of it shut? Or...
  6. K

    Accident: All Tail Feathers Pulled.. Will My Tiel Be Okay?

    *i would appreciate if you guys would take out some time to read and answer a few questions as i am very anxious, scared, and upset. it would mean alot to me* Unfortunately, today my 1 year old darling cockatiel got into a freak accident. She was flying around in my study room (as usual) and...
  7. MPCacatúa

    Scab on Baby Budgie’s Wing

    Hey guys! Today was the first time I misted Ollie (not a fan!) but I noticed a scab on his right wing after he was wet. Is this from a lost blood feather? Do I need to be worried or do anything for him? He is not babying it at all and still flaps both wings and gets around normally. Thank you!!!
  8. Komsur

    Urgent Can't tell if my bird broke a blood feather or just cut himself!!

    Hi, My bird got his toe caught in his ring band and whilst trying to help him with that, there was a lot of flapping and panicking and he slammed against the cage floor. I noticed blood on a feather that came out, a tiny, tiny amount, basically nothing, and there's a red spot on his wing which...
  9. C

    Update on Pebble--the cockatiel who's original owner cut off the tail and wings

    So Pebble has been doing well overall but last night he had a night fright at about 4 am. As far as I know this is his first one as his previous owner (the one who chopped his feathers) said he never had one before. The problem is that Pebble must have broken blood feathers as he was bleeding...
  10. parrotman

    Urgent Benjamin has a broken blood feather

    How do I remove Benjamin's broken blood feather I have soda bicarbonate, tweezers,I don't know if I have flour
  11. Buckthecoc

    Urgent Broken blood feather?

    My cockatiel was doing fine when the fireworks started tonight and I let him go to sleep. When I came back to check on him his right wing had some blood on it. I tried toweling him and also attempted to put styptic powder on him and then he ran back in his cage. I cant see any fresh blood and...
  12. cinnamon

    Pictures Blood Feathers on my 5 Month old

    hello! so i’ve had my cockatiel for 3 months now! he is 5 months old and his name is cinnamon. he is molting right now and i was wondering is it okay to pinch off the white end of the pin feather if it’s not done growing? not pinch off the growing part the white part. because his pins are...
  13. Willzan

    Urgent Broken feather

    Hello everyone. I have an issue with my bird, so today when i came home i saw that my Blue and Gold Macaw had dripped some bloodstains on a perch and a little bit on the floor of the cage. It was not much at all as i just cleaned tha cage so it was just a few drops. When i checked him i saw that...
  14. Emma O'Donnell

    Budgie's broken blood feather won't stop bleeding

    Hello, My budgie, snowflake, has been cage bound for three weeks under veterinarian's orders. He had a fractured wing that needed to heal. Today was the day that he was allowed to come out of the cage and play, but yesterday he managed to escape his cage. I let him stay out and play for a...
  15. Dostc426

    What Is Your Opinion On Blood Feathers?

    Hello everyone! I have endured several years of my sun conure being incredibly clumsy, and as a result, fractured/broken blood feathers amuck! At first we were extremely worried about them and would pull them out immediately more out of fear than for logic's sake. However as the years have gone...
  16. hrafn

    Urgent Broken blood feather or something else?

    I just heard a massive commotion from the bird room, and Aurélie screech, and when I rushed in to investigate she was in a panic, thrashing around her cage. I managed to calm her down and get her out, and blood smeared over my hand when she stepped up. I've only had one fid break a blood...
  17. I

    Urgent Parrot keeps breaking blood feathers!

    So I have a 6 year old lovebird and in the past 2 months he started breaking blood feathers. He’s had them for 6 years but never broke them but it started 2 months ago. Every time he breaks them and I see blood, I get my mum to pull the broken blood feathers out with tweezers, but we have done...
  18. keikoasmom

    Macaw Tail Folicle

    This morning, our bird groomer came and as I took Lovey to her, Lovey decided to fly away to the floor, the groomer accidentally stepped on one of her tail feathers, pulling the blood feather right out. The groomer, our favorite bird lady, applied pressure and the bleeding finally stopped about...