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bird diet

  1. berrynkiwi

    No more pellets left for my birds

    I ordered pellets for my budgies around 6 days before it ran out and the order said it would arrive in 3 days. There was a huge delay and it now says it will take 5 more days for the pellets to be delivered to my house. Unfortunately, there aren't many pet stores near my area and the ones that...
  2. berrynkiwi

    Mealtimes for chop

    I've been feeding my budgies (2) bird chop in the morning and afternoon (along with giving them pellets in their food bowl and seeds as a treat). This is my first time as a bird owner and I'm just wondering, what time/ how many times should I feed my birds chop in a day? Should I continue...
  3. wiggie2609

    dehydrated bird chop/mix-in

    HI!! i worry about my birds and there general health, what they consume, what benefits that food has. i lost my 6 months old jenday conure 5 months ago to unknown causes, and that loss has made me fear greatly for my birds health and wellbeing. i strive for a healthy diet of chop, fresh...
  4. E

    Bird diet

    Hello everyone. I am sorry if this post is in the wrong place, I am new here. My parakeet Cookie has a fatty tumor, and it is recommended to be put on strict diet. I don't know what kind of diet I should give to Cookie, so can you help me if anyone has been in this situation? (What food precisely)
  5. kifird

    What veggies do your birds like the most?

    Hi, I've been looking up and around over the inter webs for good recipes for chop, and veggies to feed to my two wonderful budgies. Nua's favorite is bok choy, and the baby's is also bok choy. I've been trying to diversify their veggie diet other than bok choy and my mother's money tree. What do...