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baby lovebird

  1. S

    Handling issues

    Hi all! My peach faced baby is nearly 6 months old. When we got him at 3 months he was supposed to be hand-raised but the breeder really struggled to catch him and it was obvious he hadn’t been handled at all. (I say he but we have no clue as of yet) We’ve been attempting to tame him and I think...
  2. C

    My 3-4 Month Old Rosy-Faced Lovebird won't eat or drink

    Hi everyone! My dad found a Rose-faced lovebird yesterday and long story short we're keeping it. (It was definitely a pet that escaped, we asked around but no one had any clue so we brought it home). Took it to the Vet for a general check-up and they found nothing wrong with it. I told them...
  3. H

    Pictures Help In care of Baby lovebird

    So I bought this baby around 2 weeks ago it was 3 weeks old it likes me a lot but is it normal for it to ask for more formula as it ages? and is it normal for it to just start climbing out of the box and roam around or might it need something from that I don't understand? and now at this age do...
  4. AllieVital

    8 week old lovebird won't eat from food dish

    So I just got a new baby peach-faced lovebird bird. He's 8 weeks old and I've never had a bird this young before. I was reassured by the breeder that he was fully weaned but I've noticed that he shows no interest in eating from his food bowl in his cage. He'll sit on my shoulder and eat seed...
  5. Mango&Five

    How to fix splayed leg?

    So as you can see the photo the baby bird, burrito has one splayed leg. At least i think that’s what it is. Both of the legs were splayed but one fixed itself once i put more shavings in the breeding box but this one hasn’t. Should i wait longer and see if it fixes itself or should i take...
  6. Mango&Five

    Update on baby bird!

    I’m not sure if i’ve already said, but the baby bird is named burrito :) Will he/she turn our a darker colour like his/her dad or lighter colours like his/her mum ? he/she was born on the 6th of july and its now the 2nd of august.
  7. Mango&Five

    Update on baby bird! + questions

    So baby bird is 10 days old now, the parents seem to be feeding him well. I put more shavings into the box. I bought the things i needed i case the parents decided/decide to abandon it but they seem to be very good at looking after it. If the parents continue to feed it well, will i still need...
  8. rainbeetle

    Help needed: juvenile lovebird behaviour

    Hello everyone, I'm new, and I need some help from you experienced bird people! :heart2: I recently got a 7-8 weeks old hand fed female lovebird from a breeder, she's my first bird so I'm beginner. I'm currently finishing up her weaning (she eats seeds and pellets by herself all day long, I am...
  9. MikoDaBirb

    First-time parents, all five eggs hatched!!

    Hello everyone, My first-time parents lovebird just had the 4 eggs hatched and I am just waiting for the last one to hatch (I know it's fertile through candling) This might be a hassle for the mother bird since she has so many babies to feed and I'm worried that one of the youngest or the runt...
  10. S

    Lovebird Mutation

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well I’ve had lovebirds for nearly 10 years now and am quite familiar with a lot of mutations. I’ve also worked at an avian specialty store for 10 years, working extensively with breeders and our avian vet. However, my one baby lovebird has myself and a...
  11. K

    Newborn Lovebird Help (sad update #28)

    Hi! So my lovebirds recently had 2/5 of their eggs hatched. Unfortunately the first one didn’t survive due to the parents ignoring it...I’ve read that domesticated birds tend to not feed their chicks since they don’t know how (not sure if that’s true). So I’ve been hand feeding the second...
  12. M

    First Time Lovebird Grandma (questions on raising baby lovebird)

    Hi everyone I am super stressed currently because my pair of lovebirds have their first child and I am a grandma! I am super excited but also stressed because I have never had baby lovebirds in my home. My baby is 3weeks old going into 4 weeks. I don't know if its getting properly fed by the...
  13. vani

    New baby lovebird, need some advice!

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, and was hoping to start off by asking for some advice. I recently got a hand-fed baby lovebird who is very sweet, his name is Winnie. I'm not sure about the exact date, but he was born mid November 2019. We do not know his gender, but the breeder said he is most...
  14. Kyndiaa

    Fresh food refusal - Lovebird

    My baby lovebird is 3 months old, and she refuses to eat anything except seeds. We switched her to a food that has no millet or sunflower seeds. Recently, we started giving her pellets and gradually mixing them. We're to the point where if she runs out of the seeds, she refuses to eat the...