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  1. J

    Arthritis pain remedy before passing

    Hi guys I have done weeks of research on my baby to help her arthritis pain before she passed away days ago. Anyways I just want to help people who are having issues with arthritis, so I can help others and also to cope with my best friend passing away. for the past 6 months she wasn't able to...
  2. S

    Cann-Avia Legit?

    Hey everyone! Anyone have any experience with an avian CBD oil company Cann-Avia? Is it a legit business or a scam? Looking for cbd oil safe for my arthritic bird. Unfortunately, Gabapentin and Metacam aren’t doing much for the poor guy Their website: www.cann-avia.com
  3. S

    Urgent Arthritis in Cockatiel Foot / Leg

    I have a 10 year old male cockatiel who had a fall a year ago and injured his left foot. The guy who clipped his wings, clipped them too short. In any case - I took him to the vet and got pain meds for him - metacam. The vet said it was not a break, but a sprain. The vet suspects that he could...
  4. S

    Flax Seed Oil in Water?

    So the vet recently told me that I should use flax seed oil as a supplement for arthritis in my cockatiel. She recommended that I put some flax seed oil on his food. But my cockatiel is very picky and won’t eat foods that are oily. Is it safe to put some in his water dish every day? And how...
  5. AussieBird

    Pictures LJ’s Cage Set-up

    @Zara suggested I do this thread so here. Lemon Jade (goes by LJ) is a estimated 8-9 year old male budgie. Recently he started having issues with his feet (pressure sores and mild bumble foot), the sores have since clear up but I am in prevention mode now. I believe the root of his issues is...
  6. Shannan

    Heat for arthritic parrot. hang it high or low?

    OK, So my 38 year old TAG has pretty severe arthritis on one of his feet. As a result his grip is not the best. I have adapted his cage and he sleeps in two places. Often at night he sleeps on his wide vet wrapped perch but during the day he often takes naps on the bottom of his cage (we...
  7. PrettyBirdy

    Senior Bird with Arthritis

    Hello! I adopted a 30+ year old Mustache 'keet in mid November of last year, who I adore oh so dearly. I suspected Poncho likely had arthritis, however i'm embarrassed to say that it slipped my mind during my initial vet visit with him, and aside from a basic blood panel, not much was done...
  8. ClementinesMommy

    We're Baa-aack!

    Hello, all. I feel the need to post a welcome, as I haven't posted here in almost a year and a half. My 11 year old cockatiel Clementine, who had been my sunshine, died over the summer. It wasn't completely unexpected, as she has had health problems for years, but I'd hoped we'd have a few...