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apple cider vinegar

  1. MoonBirdie

    Is it safe to give ginger and turmeric to budgies?

    Hi all, I’ve been on this site many times reading other posts, but this is my actual first post here! Hope it all goes well. :greet14: Main question: I heard many times across online forums and videos that ginger and turmeric mixed in water is good for birds, like for treating nausea symptoms...
  2. J

    Apple Cider Vinegar?

    Hi, I recently read that a few drops of apple cider vinegar in my cockatiel's water bowl and in her chop can help reduce bacterial growth and can provide her nutrients. Is this true and safe? Any comments on how much I shld give my 8month cockatiel if it's safe and healthy to do so? Thanks in...
  3. redrose27

    Which Course of Action Should I choose

    Hi there, at this point I have probably annoyed everyone in this forum with the number of times I have posted about konys gout problem (kony is a budgie 12 years old). But I have come to a cross roads and I need help. (I will be mentioning medicines in this post, I explained their effectiveness...
  4. redrose27

    Apple Cider Vinnegar dosage amount?

    Hi my sister (budgie) is 12 years old and has gout. I read a lot about apple cider vinnegar and it seems like it can really help. But Im not sure how much to dilute it with water and if it wont affect her stomache. Does anyone have experience giving their birds ACV and if so how did you dilute...
  5. SeñorBirb

    Some Questions & News!

    Hi again, I have a few questions! 1. I was watching youtube (Denny the Budgie), and it said to put some Apple Cider Vinegar in your bird's water about once a week. Do any of y'all do this? If so, how much do I put in? 2. Does anyone know anything about GreenPans? My family uses these sometimes...
  6. D

    Budgie and cockatiel with frequent infections.

    I have a budgie and cockatiel that get frequent infections, usually yeast. I have been guilty of not keeping the cages clean in the past but I've been trying to do better and they're still getting sick. My girl cockatiel acted like she was going to throw up the other day but nothing ever came...
  7. birdlovekk

    Urgent Baytril+Doxycycline+Meloxicam together okay? ACV for yeast infection?

    Hi all! I've been reading posts, but this is my first time posting. I'm really desperate for advice. One of my birds nearly died the day before yesterday, and the other one has been quite sick for three weeks. I hope someone has experience with these medications. ----- Short version: I...