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  1. S

    [UPDATE] Cockatiel with Shortness of Breath / Wet Exhales

    Hello - I posted earlier about this - but my cockatiel has been experiencing these wet sneezes that look like this: Cockatiel shortness of breath He was cultured and the results showed Staph Borealis. I took him to an Avian Vet and he was prescribed Trimeth-Sulfa for 2 weeks. He finished the...
  2. Raisins

    Budgie has to stay in her transport cage for a week

    So, today I brought one of my budgerigars to the vet, because there was a scar on her large growth on the abdomen. They prescribed an antibiotic ointment and feverfew extract and gave me a plastic cone-like thing to put around her head. They also told me to keep her in the transport cage for a...
  3. Jesse_EG

    Smelly Poops, lots of tests, no answers

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had smelly poops that vets have had a hard time diagnosing and what they did to get back to normal. My African Grey (CAG) has been with us for about 6 years now and he is about 12. In June we had a full physical and wellness exam that he came out with...
  4. Jxdeeyy

    Big poop from ill budgie

    So, my female budgie has been on antibiotics and an anti inflammatory for a few days since it’s suspected she might have a respiratory infection. I’ve been giving her her medicines fine and she has been her usual self other than the respiratory symptoms. However tonight she was making this noise...
  5. budgelove

    Antibiotic Precautions and Budgie Can't Fly?

    Hiyo, I have a little baby budgie named Phoenix. He's a baby, bright pink cere and he's changed his cap feathers but he can't really fly. His feathers are shorter than my other budgies and the most I've seen him "fly" is more like gliding a low distance (like my thigh when I'm sitting on the...
  6. F

    Urgent Cockatiel lost voice

    Okay so it’s a long journey hope you guys can help me. My 2 year old female cockatiel started having a raspy voice exactly a month ago. I took her to vet as soon as her voice changed. We were on antibiotics for 2 weeks that seem to give her some energy but didn’t help with her voice. I took her...
  7. P

    How to clean birds face feathers from medicine

    I have a question that I can’t seem to find online hoping someone could help me out. I was prescribed antibiotics for two parakeets after finding out one had a crop infection.Thankfully they seem to be doing better so far after 4 days but the medicine looks like it’s staining the feathers...
  8. cassiophys

    Urgent Vomiting Cockatiel (Sad update post #8)

    Rhodie is a 4-month old normal grey and she's only been home for a month. (She has not been DNA tested, so she could be he.) She was fine Sunday, maybe just a little less vocal and active, but nothing major. I woke up Monday morning to see that she had thrown up throughout the night and there...
  9. sjalfsmord

    Weight loss.

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask something about Melon's (♂) and Mango's (♀) behaviour+weight. I'm still learning a lot about these little raptors so please help me out. :laughing2: So 1,5 months ago Mango started laying eggs. Melon was constantly feeding her but I guess it wasn't enough for her...
  10. A

    Urgent Cockatiel suffering side effects after antibiotic

    Help! I have a question about my female cockatiel. She was having eye issues. Her right eye was watery and itchy. Wasn't red or swollen though. Just a few feathers lost around that eye. Also she had sneezed a few times in the past few days and had a somewhat sore throat (voice not normal) I...