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african grey baby

  1. Reds


    Hi everyone! Here to introduce my newest family member. A 3 1/2 month old Congo African Grey. (hatched Nov 13, 2020) First vet checkup was yesterday and vet said it looks great and healthy, was very social and even untied the vets mask! It’s gender is still unknown, dna testing was done...
  2. Sapph

    Birds breath has a bad smell

    My Congo African Grey is about 9 weeks old and still on formula (I think it may be a girl so I’ll use she) Shes still on formula and I’ve heard that I should start a seed transition at around 12 weeks. When I give her formula I make sure to get the same texture and temperature each time but this...
  3. Kodigirl210

    CAG toes and feet

    Hi, I wanted to know if people see issues with the toes of a CAG very often. I have put down a deposit but the CAG’s outside toes point backward instead of forward and it is obviously congenital. The baby is huge. The breeder has stated that is has happened before and he plans to have them...