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  1. YogiBird

    Food education

    I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same as me, but I use the BirdTricks Seasonal Feeding System for my GCC breakfast... and then for dinnertime is when I have a problem. I know the birds should always get fruit and veg (which he does everyday!) and his pellets (TOPS)... but for dinner I am...
  2. S

    Urgent Apollo looks very sick.

    He is acting totally out of character. Usually he is quite noisy and loves to run around and yell at me but today he has been dead silent. He threw up twice and his poop is discoloured. It looks red/orange. I gave him carrots the other day but he might’ve gotten into some sweets of mine I had on...
  3. P

    Video Processing of tame training to my cockatiel

    Hello, I was the last time I posted a new cockatiel for adoption and need help. When I tried using the tips from the previous post, I saw my bird still scared of my hands, but started eating the spray millet and drinking water. I'm still tame with my bird and I'm going to go to the vet. I am...
  4. P

    Behavior of 2 green cheek conures relationship

    Hello. I have 2 green cheek conure. Preening, touching tongue, and cuddling each other. Then one conure bites the feet of another conure, and the other conure screams. I don't know if this behavior means that the two of us like or dislike each other. I still don't know if the two have a good...
  5. MadIe

    Need your kind advise ( new girl)

    Hej bird friends, INTRO ( questions below) : I'm Madie, a bird in my passed life ;-) , just kidding , but as my husband puts it: I accidentally love birds However, I have travelled intensively in my life and I only had a bird pet when I was a teenager ( 25 years ago ), it was Eddy the...
  6. Redroversis

    New owner of GCCs

    I am a new, first time owner of a pair of sister green cheeks that were given to me. They are about 4-5 years old. The couple that had them, one of them was allergic, and the other began working all the time so they just didn't have the time to spend with them that the girls deserved. I am...
  7. nm0710

    Really thinking about getting a conure

    Hi all! I saw an umbrella cockatoo and absolutely fell in love. I was sold the minute I saw his personality and I loved the talking. After really looking into it.. I don't think it'd be a good fit for a first time bird owner. After looking at some posts online, many sites suggest the conure as...
  8. ShyEmbers

    Hello all, newcomer asking a bit of advise as well.

    Hi all. I am new, my name is Jodie and I share my life with 6 wonderful personalities...6 budgies. We have 9 year old Bailey-Blue (a YF2 sky blue opaline.) , almost 9 year old Lumina (Normal light green), Lumina's 7 year old offspring Toshi (normal recessive pied) & Oushi (normal light green)...